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The Video Game Thread


I’ll write something longer when I get to work, but it’s been fun so far. Very similar to fallout 4 so far.


Don’t pull me in dammit. That’s my favourite franchise but I have no time for games.


Okay, Fallout76:

I played it for three hours last night (50g update required before playing blah…). My first impression is that it’s very much like Fallout 4 with some changes.

Exploration is still the central focus in typical Fallout fashion. I spent most of my time wandering around a couple of farms, the countryside, and the first town (main hub) for trading and whatnot. I ran into robots, mongrel dogs, the “scorched” (sort of like ghouls), and other animals typical of Fallout (mole-rats, roaches, they did add giant ticks). There are also irradiated corpses scattered through that will disintegrate and cause rad damage if you touch them.

There’s definitely an emphasis on crafting and resource gathering in the game. If you’ve played ESO, you’ll notice some similar elements like collecting wood and mining ore (the difference is you don’t need to carry an ax or pickaxe around you just pick it up).

Another difference from Fallout 4, is the introduction of a hydration and food meter. Essentially, it forces you to drink water/crafted beverages and to eat food (as opposed to hoarding it and only using Stimpacks to heal). It’s an interesting addition that I can see getting irritating, but so far there has been a ton of water & food so it’s not a big deal. The radiation bar taking up health is back from FO4, so you have to manage your rads/HP and what you eat/drink. They’ve also introduced diseases, which you can get from pretty much everything (it’s a percentage chance when you eat/drink non-sterilized food or even sleeping in a dirty bed). I didn’t contract anything so I’m not sure how it works, yet.

Crafting/building. You can craft and mod all of your gear just like in FO4. I can’t remember if you had to repair your gear in FO4, but you do in 76. Again, I like the addition, but I can see it being a pain in the ass. Weapons, armor, etc… all have to be maintained and that takes resources. Speaking of resources, you have a mobile camp, which you can place anywhere and anything you previously built will relocate to that spot. This is important and pretty cool because you can create stash boxes to store all of the building materials that are only accessible to you. Being over-encumbered can still be an issue, but it’s a lot easier to store the much-needed materials. Now, each box has a weight limit so you have to continually build them, but it’s a decent solution.

Other players, there were idk maybe a dozen other players in the same game world as me. I passed a guy in one area and he never even stopped to use an emote. Me and another guy used the overseers camp (your first objective) together and sorta nodded at each other once. No big deal. There was a wanted player on the map (dude was lvl 32 already, get a life…), but we never crossed paths. So far, griefing doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I’m sure you can get stuck with a group of several players being dicks heads…

First impressions, it feels like a solid fallout game. Exploration has been fun so far. Mechanics have been good and it looks good. Solid so far.


Anybody by chance play XCOM?


I played the hell out of the original. They did a good reboot recently and I’ve played it and the sequel on PC. Great games.


pretty much the only game I play anymore that and Starcraft.



Think I’m going to hold off for a while and see if things pick up. The feedback has been for the most part, scathing :cry:


Mostly from whiners who are mad at bathesda no matter what they do… but put 300 hours into every one of their releases anyway.


I played it for another couple hours ladt night, it’s Fallout. I don’t know what people are looking for.


Hmm, that doesn’t seem right…



My younger sister bought me one of these bad boys for Christmas this year, comes pre-loaded with Super Mario World, Yoshi’s Island, Contra III, Donkey Kong, and so on and so forth…I haven’t touched my PS4 since I got this bad boy 2 weeks ago haha


Nice. I hope they do an N64 one.


Right? It’s been so entertaining! I haven’t played super mario world and shit since I was like…8-10, maybe??


I’ve stil got my N64 Donky Kong edition. Works great.


Old comment, but XCOM is a fucking infuriating blast. Enjoyed every painful penny I spent


I saw a few trailers for the game called Control, and I’m getting very interested.

It looks like a mix of F.E.A.R’s trippy supernatural shooter and Portal’s mind-bending physics puzzles.


Anyone playing Super Smash Bros?


Asked the wife not to get me any video games or Christmas this year. I’ve got 2 jobs and home stuff to attend to. She got me FO76 And RDR2 anyway.

In FO76 I just stumbled upon a location that was a basic training ground run by mister gutsy robots. I had to complete a marksmanship course and agility course while being mocked by the robots about being made of flesh. Then I had to interrogate animatronic children and snoop through their effects to find out which one was the commie. Holy shit the dark humor and setting of the fallout franchise is just perfect.


Lol, I remember that one. Too funny. Camp McClintock or something, right?


Yeah. I like all the extra stuff that has nothing to do with the main story. The environmental story telling is horrifying and at parts funny (teddy bears hosting a baking show… and in the next room… dead children skeletons).