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The Video Game Thread


So, wouldn’t it make sense to go into a game without reading reviews for the same purpose?


That depends, just like movies if a game is universally panned then why bother, right? It’s like… Why would I ever play aliens: Colonial marines. I seriously think fallout 76 might be universally panned when it comes out. However if it reviews favorable reviews I’ll pick it up (over the summer holidays of course)


Because sometimes “universally panned” on the internet isn’t so universal and the movie/game is actually something you like?

My friends and I had a lot of fun playing Aliens: Colonial Marines, tbh. Probably in part because it wasn’t very good.

I just don’t understand why you would let gaming snobs at IGN or random “hardcore gamers” on the internet determine if you’ll play a game or not.


Because games cost 100+ dollars per game in Aus. If I didn’t listen to reviews and didn’t purchase my games carefully I’d be spending 1000$+ on games each year (RDR2 is the second game I’ve brought all year since I’ve practically stopped playing video games, rdr 2 was 99.99 although I think the special edition is almost 200$ here). Although 1000$ isn’t THAT much, I’d rather be spending it on travel, clothes, quality food for bodybuilding… Other… Things, and accessories I need for school and general life (earphones for music, guitar accessories etc).


Can’t you rent a game in AUS?

*When I was younger gamefly was a lifesaver.


Did pumpkins with the kids today. Wife always insists I do one. Really terrible, but for a guy with no artistic skill and a steak knife… it’ll do.


Have ditched RDR 2 for the time being. Work schedule means that it’s pointless putting any time into it

I think I’m slowly realising that I can’t devote monster sessions to games…

No more 4 hour Fallout grinds or spending half a day accumulating ‘skills’ on Ass Creed.

Now it’s a case of having a game where I can just jump in and have a quick blast…

On that note, I’ve been rinsing utter fuck out of Forza Horizon. What a great game.

Was never really one for driving games however this is class


For the Fallout debate, I just want to point out that the original Fallout is still the best. Nothing tops the environment and mood of the game.


For sure. The dark humor and environmental story telling were amazing.

Companion AI was so bad it was funny. They either shoot you, each other, or run into a room with 10 supermutants and die while you’re trying to make them file through a door one at a time.

The plot of new Vegas is the strongest I think. No matter what you do you’re never 100% the good guy.


Did you ever play fallout 2 or fallout tactics? Fallout tactics was one of my all time favorites in terms of gameplay, although the plot was pretty lackluster


Currently replaying Fallout 2 for the millionth time. Playing a character like Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star. No weapons, leather jacket only. Just hit level 24 and got the slayer perk.

It has more stuff than Fallout 1, but is too self aware. Mood isn’t as great.


What do you play them on, PC? I haven’t played any before 3.


I pre-ordered Fallout 76, will let you guys know if it’s any good.


PC. I have the original CDs, but you can get them off steam or Grand Old Games


I’ve been playing Rome Total War recently. The 2004(5?) one. Does anyone know if any of the newer ones are similar? I’ve played Rome and Medieval 2 to death and am looking for something else. I’ve been eyeing Atilla but the reviews aren’t half as good as the ones for Medieval 2 or Rome. I got Empire on sale a few years ago and was very disappointed. The battles felt a lot less fluid and the overworld felt quite bloated


I played Fallout 2 after I played Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

I found the game moderately entertaining but the game felt like it kept getting more and more ridiculous/self-indulgent with its jokes and humor.

Then I visited a certain vault. My save died got corrupted shortly after an unfortunate event occurred to residents of said vault, and I stopped playing. No interest in playing again.

I like New Vegas the most. The game keeps a good balance and has interesting world building. The humor is created from the inherent ridiculousness of the world itself. They’re not the sort of self-referential humor in Fallout 2 that felt crammed in because some developer found it funny.


If you haven’t tried the first one, give it a go. Far less self aware. Much better story.


Not a big fan of isometric turn-based games, but I did greatly enjoy Baldur’s Gate 2 because the story and combat was good.

I’ll try out Fallout 1.


Not a big fan of rpgs anymore having a family and career that is mentally and physically draining.

Though I enjoyed every second of the remake of DOOM on my ps4 and looking forward to Doom: Eternal coming out early 2019 hopefully,

After 30 min - 1h of gameplay my heart was racing and hadn’t enjoyed that type of FPS in a long time.

Resident evil: biohazard was also a work of art. And very intense/graphic.


Anyone got Fallout 76 yet?