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The Video Game Thread


Spiderman (PS4) is fantastic.




My twin brother got this one (Spiderman), I tried it, it’s entertaining. Don’t really play video games anymore tho, will pro, like Arkham but not as dark and with superpowers… fuck tbe arkham ones were awesome, except arkham knight. Will probs play RDR2 and the last of us 2 when they come out though, just have to find the time


It’s tough to find the time, I hear you. I hope RDR2 is as good as the first one. I loved that game. I’m looking forward to Fallout 76 too.


My wife will be out of country for two weeks. I plan on taking a week off from work to solely play RDR2.


Lol, I do the same stuff ha! I’ve got a week off in November and two in December where I’m planning of being a lazy shit and gaming most of the day.


Dammit you guys, I’m supposed to be growing up and not gaming anymore!

Be interesting to see if Bathesda can do the multiplayer thing without making it suck. Every single one of their single player games is God mode by end game. Can’t imagine the griefing of casuals by level capped players.


They’re giving players a couple of options to avoid griefing. You can straight up ignore other players and make it 100% single-player, if another player shoots at you you can ignore them and they can’t kill you (I don’t think they can kill you iirc), but if you retaliate then you can be killed, and there’s also some kind of bounty system where a player that griefs other players ends up with a bounty put on them and they’re shown on the map to everyone.

Plus, you don’t lose money or gear if you’re killed from what I’ve read.


I don’t know if anyone mentioned it yet, but who’s been playing the new Black Ops 4? I like what they’ve done with the new Battle Royal thing.


I’ve heard good things, got a couple buddies trying to talk me into buying it…but I’m a cheap bastard haha


I can’t do CoD anymore. Every single iteration I hear the same thing, “Man it’s so good. It’s almost as good as MW2. You gotta get it dude.” So I buy it and it’s the same boring ass bullshit. Turn the corner, camper hits you with a shotgun. Turn the corn, camper hits you with a sniper rifle from 7 feet away. Hit a dude 57x with an assault rifle, he waves knife at you, you die.

Text messages I have in my inbox right now:

“GODDAMNIT why would blackout be the thing that downloads first?! I just played it and the mechanics are FANTASTIC… ready for some TDM”

“What game are you talking about?”

“Black ops 4”

“This one looks really good. I just played a round of black out and it was good. It’s just battle royal and I that… so I’m waiting for the rest of the DL so I can play death match”

“Dudes… this is a fucking good call of duty”

I could go back to messages at every release and have the same messages…

Zombies was always fun with a group, but I can’t dedicate 2+ hours to a game anymore with the kids. Unfortunately, that’s why I haven’t played much Destiny since 2015 (even though I think D1 & D2 turned out to be really good games). I just don’t have the time to grind anymore or raid for an hour and half straight.

Plus, a lot of my gaming buddies live out west like CO so they’re an hour or two behind. I can’t play until 2AM these days with a daily wake up call at 6AM if I’m lucky.



The above said, I am stoked for RDR2, Fallout 76, and Anthem.

*Maybe even the new battlefield…


They went all SJW with the new battlefield. Looks lame. Give us a realistic WW2 shooter please, someone. Where is day of defeat reboot! Red Orchestra. Something!


Bethesda has dumbed down the fallout series into what I consider to be a totally different game. The original fallouts, 3 and NV all portrayed the tragic consequences that was the aftermath of nuclear war. The story was diverse, with many different endings, you could build YOU’RE character to do and be whatever you wanted, the choices were almost endless, with FNV and FO3, if you didn’t want to play the story, you didn’t have to, dialogue options were unique and complex, and there were SO many different ways you could go about getting what you wanted, you could be good or bad (as in you could be a drug addicted human trafficking, city destroying asshole) or you could be good (ish), help people out and whatnot. The lines of good and bad were blurred in the fallout games. Then… fallout 4 came along, they overhauled (and drastically simplified) the perks and skill systems, the SPECIAL barely mattered anymore, charisma, sneak, strength stats that used to be so important now didn’t even factor into conversations, the dialogue system was turned into a boring, half assed mass effect (except mass effect did this well) type convo wheel in which all the outcomes to a conversation were nearly identical, the ways about going about missions were the same “shoot some guys, walk then shoot some more” it was actually possible to finish FNV without killing anyone… FO4 seemed to glamorize violence far more than the previous games, and don’t get me started on the fact that the story was predetermined from the start (and you couldn’t create a backstory, there was little in the way of choice, the graphics were many years behind… but… they improved the gyn mods, created base building and whatnot… That’s not what fallout was about, and modding allowed base building to be taken to FO3 and NV anyway. Now we have fallout 76, a franchise that originally tried to show the devastating consequences of nuclear war… and now we can nuke people for giggles… No NPC’s, Multiplayer? This doesn’t sound like a bad game, however it should have never been branded a fallout game.

Finally, the BOS didn’t exist on the west/east coast when the game took place, Bethesda commented on this (they’re recreating lore), it’s BS, the BOS doesn’t need to be everywhere. Fallout 3 and NV were my two favorite games as a young teenager when I still played a lot of video games, then fallout 4 came out and I was immensely dissapointed, I can’t get over how upset I am with bethesda, it seems they’re catering to the demographic that likes FPS games, not the original fans because “fuck you anyone who liked fallout for what it was… money”, hell they’ve rereleased skyrim like 203042432 times now, and skyrim, although a good game, was a step down in complexity from oblivion, they’re dumbing their games down. Am I going to buy fallout 76? Depends on the reviews, which I think will be sub-par to low, in which case I won’t give it the time of day, it isn’t as if I currently have the time anyway


I think if you look at it like it’s a battle royal clone with fallout mechanics it makes more sense. When you look at free games that have microtransactions for cosmetic stuff they’ve made hundreds of millions. Of course bathesda wants on that gravy train.

They’ve even said that it isn’t meant to replace the single player experience, it’s just a different spinoff game. Given that modders have tried to make multiplayer mods of multiple bathesda games there must have been a market for it.

The BOS has several 50-100 year gaps in their history where they supposedly hide in vaults. You don’t think 1 guy could have wanted to leave and go try and find his family on the east coast and ended up in West by God? Then he starts his own chapter when he finds out his east coast family died too.

I too enjoyed the dark humor, subtle story telling and options in older fallouts. They did go a different direction with 4 but I don’t think it’s dumbed down. Just different. Instead of having to make really difficult perk decisions, you can spec your character exactly how you want them.

In fallout 4 you can kill maxon/father/desdemona/the mayor the first time you meet them and suffer the consequences. The minutemen are the relief valve ending just like NV Yes Man. There’s still moral dilemmas and choices to be made, just no karma meter to tell you that you’re a bad person.

I think your member berries are getting the best of you. FO4 was a great game with a good twist. I will say I hated the new critical system. I preferred when it was randomized based on luck.



About a month ago I checked out fallout 4 and NV Again, (for about two hours each). I still found NV to be the superior game (I also liked the super dark, dim, depressing and gritty atmospheres of both fallout 3 and NV than the colourful atmosphere of FO4)

Fallout 3 has my favorite game environment ever, so… Green, so dark, so sad, so awesome

Red dead redemption 2… I just preordered it… Gonna be wasting time playing video games before exams yeeeeeeeeettttt. GOT MY PRIORITIES STRAIGGGHHTT


I understand people get very attached to games/franchises. The first fallout game I played was 3 and it blew my mind. I hadn’t had a gaming experience like that since Ocarina of Time and only Skyrim has come close to replicating that feeling.

That said, it’s Bethesda’s IP, if they want to try something different with their franchise that’s up to them. It might expand their fan base. It might blow up in their faces. Personally, I like fallout because of the exploration. I didn’t find the story that compelling in any of the games including NV, which I absolutely love.

I mean, I carried around a mini-nuke launcher in Fallout 3 so…

They’re using nukes as a way to create a more dangerous higher-level environment (higher level gear) and it forces strangers to work together in a raid like an environment. I think it’s brilliant to be honest.

You’re certainly entitled to your feelings, but jeepers, man… Weren’t you like 5 when Oblivion came out? Ya, they keep re-releasing Skyrim because people keep buying it. I’ve bought it at least twice (PS3 and PS4 I believe). They’re trying to reach as many buyers as possible. Pretty smart move; especially, in the gaming industry.

You’ll find the reviews you want to find to corroborate your preconceived notions about 76 and the direction of the franchise, guaranteed. Play it, don’t play, that’s up to you. I’m looking forward to it because it’s Fallout and there are some new elements, which I find exciting.


Was probs about 6 (or nearly 6) I didn’t play oblivion when it came out, nor did I play fo3 and NV when they came out, it would’ve been totally inappropriate… Although I was like 8 when I was playing GTA IV, but I didn’t own the game, that was me being a sneaky lil dude.

Not really, if the generalised reviews are positive I’ll beliebe the game is good, searching for specific reviews that meet my criteria for what I believe is stupid, unless I really strongly believe in said topic and I’m sure that there’s some sort of propaganda against it. The current beta reviews on Reddit seem very positive. Either way unless it does really well I’m not buying it, if I end up buying it and actually liking it I could see me wasting WAY too much time on a video game and it getting in the way of school, that’d be no good!

I totally forgot about the fat-man, I mean I never used it aside from that part where the giant super mutant came around, then I dropped it.

Fallout New California (previously project Brazil) the mod finally comes out on Friday. Then fallout: the frontier should be out late 2018 (another even bigger fan made story mod) both look awesome

But yeh it is my opinion, I’m sure many prefer fallout 4


That’s just how it works, man. For pretty much everyone I might add. You might read a review that’s positive and you’ll be like okay that doesn’t sound so bad, you’ll scroll down to the comments and OriginalFallOUTFan3 will comment “I got griefed within 5 minuted FUCK THIS GAME!!!” and you’ll be like “see, I knew it.” That’s just the drawback of the internet and immediate reviews 17 minutes after a game is released. You’re a movie buff, they’re the same way are they not?


Yup people who like certain styles of filming and or directors/ actors can have very preconceived notions of a film to which they will have biased reviews, hence why I think half the time it’s best to go into a film having not seen the reviews therefore your opinion on the film is soley your own opinion not someone else’s. Although if a film has a 0% on rotton tomatoes or is universally panned (same with gaming, think ride to hell: retribution) it probably isn’t worth my/your time