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The Video Game Thread


right now I’m playing wolfenstein 2. That game is amazing. My favorite console would have to be PS4. My favorite genre would be zombie survival/ action -adventure/rpg. I am hyped for the new spider man game coming out for PS4


I have a PS4. I’m looking forward to fallout 5 coming out in March.


holy shit that nuts! I didn’t even know that was production, let alone coming out next year!


PS4 here. Currently playing Destiny 2 when I have time, which sadly isn’t often these days.


What?! Do you have a source for that. You could save my wife’s 2017 with news of a new Fallout game just around the corner.


I don’t know why I liked 4. All you seem to do is walk around picking up trash. The new Red Dead Redemption 2 looks like it’ll be pretty good. I used to like first person shooters but after how lame Black ops 3 was I haven’t gotten back into them. I’m starting to dig the open world games.


Don’t listen to me I’m an idiot. It’s Far Cry 5, not Fallout. I liked Far Cry better so I’m fine with it. The trailer looks pretty good.


Oh yeah it looks amazing


Finally got my hands on AC Origins. It’s as good as everyone says.

The new South Park game is as funny as expected too.

Does anyone have a Switch? I’m thinking about grabbing one for the exclusives like GOY Zelda.

Not that I have any time to play, though…


I have the switch. I personally wasnt so happy with zelda and mario odyssy. But all my friends loved them. The switch has mostly indie games. People are even referring to the switch as an indie machine. As long as you know that then you’re good


Have any of you played dark souls 3? If so what did you think? I’ve heard it’s notoriously hard.

My absolute favourite game growing up was God of War 2, must have completed it 10+ times, but unfortunately I don’t have a PS3 or PS4 so dark souls seems the next best thing.


PUBG is fucking immense. The game I’ve been waiting all my life for.

AC Origins is quality. Can get a bit grindy asd time goes on however I’ve plowed 50 hours into that game so far. Haven’t done that since Skyrim

Quite enjoying Super Mario Kart on the switch for multiplayer feels


I played dark souls 3. Im not a fan of the souls series cause im not patient. The games environment is like bloodbourne. Same gameplay. Bosses are huge. And yeah its hard af.


Just snagged a PS4, all my buddies have BF1, so I’ve got that, and had to grab Madden '18! Got pretty stoked when I saw someone mention Fallout 5 (turned out to be FarCry 5) but am looking for a good RPG to add to the collection, and am just not familiar with the newer games. Loved the Fallouts, enjoyed sky rim, have heard good things about Destiny (?) and Titanfall.


It makes me mad there are no cross hairs while moving around on COD WWII. I don’t want to ever increasingly be challenged, I want to play a game and have fun. I also hate low light maps. I’m sure the engineers are trying to add to realism but it’s not real and I don’t want to struggle with it.


Fallout and elder scrolls are some of my favorite game series too. You’ll definitely like the Witcher 3, you should get the GOTY edition.

I beat Assassin’s creed origins a few weeks ago, I think it was a great game.
Middle earth Shadow of War was fun, but it gets repetitive.
I’m waiting for Far Cry 5, spider man, Red Dead Redemption 2, Days Gone, and Biomutant.


I got the witcher 3 first day it came out and im still playing it. On the last dlc.


That how i feel about realistic games too. Im here to have fun not struggle


I see your all into consoles but has anyone found a decent game for mobile? I would love to find a game that’s more than just a storyless money pit.
Solid story, interesting characters
Decent graphics, they don’t have to be amazing if the story is worthwhile.
Playable while in portrait mode would be nice.
That’s all I want, nothing outlandish just something more than a chat room dressed up as a game.
Any suggestions?


Look into the telltale games like telltale’s the walking dead. I have it on ps4 and its amazing. I read its just as good on mobile.