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The Victory Raise

Can’t wait to try this one.
I’m sure this will be a killer : the best (or worst :wink: DOM I’ve ever felt in my delts where after training for overhead squat. I think the extra-stretch needed to keep the bar over your head while squatting is pretty close to the victory raise.

Coach, what do you think about turning your hands pronated while doing the raise ?

Thanks !

With the specific purpose of strengthening the overhead position (snatch, OHS, overhead press, jerk) it would be a good idea. It would not be as effective as a deltoid hypertrophy tool, at least as far as stimulating the medial part of the deltoid,

Thanks !
For now I want to add some hypertrophy tools for my delts :wink:


What size/strength band? Have a recommendation on a good brand? There’s about a million different bands on the internet and I don’t want to waste my money on junk.


I’d get all three to have different loading options

Thanks. “The Best damn Workout For Natural Lifters” seems to be working out really well for me. Thanks for that too.