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The Verdict on Nuts


I eat a high a high protein, low-moderate carbs and moderate fat diet, so hence nuts are part of my daily intake.

I usually try to keep my nut intake to a 35 gram mixed nut snack at about 3pm everyday, although sometimes I also have a tablespoon of peanut butter or a handful of pistachios later on.

Anyway, Im trying to reduce any unnecessary inflammation out of my diet as I age. Whats the go with nuts? Too high in omega 6? Should I cut out peanut all together? Cut all nuts out of my diet?



I live on nuts. It’s one of the only foods I can tolerate. I blend them up into a purée, it’s my breakfast every morning. This is coming from a guy who lives with a constantly inflamed GI tract.

If anything, I found that separating carbs/fats + proteins helped my gut immensely. Also, separate fruit from all your meals. Eat it either 30 minutes before or 3 hours after each meal. You’d be surprised how much it helps. Also, up your intake of steamed veggies. Good luck.

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I avoid them because I’ll eat them till my mouth is torn up. My wife “consolidated” my cashews and walnuts by putting the walnuts over top of the cashews. I ate my way through about a lb. of walnuts to get to the cashews and got sick from eating too much.

They’re probably pretty good for normal people though.

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I def remember Coach Thibs mentioning that only almonds would be acceptable, in the precise context of avoiding inflammatory/omega 6 sources.

I think pistachios would make the acceptable list as well, as they’re similarly high in monounsaturates.

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