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The Venture Brothers - Watch It

Any body else watch this show on Adult Swim.

Its freaking great. Kind of a spoof on Johnny Quest but really funny adult humor.

Pretty intelligent humor as well. Some of the episodes you can watch several times before you catch every thing in them.

I definatly recommend yall to Netflix a season.

love Venture Brothers.
haven’t seen anything past season 2 though.
but I watched the hell outta those two seasons.

Best show on television. Easily.

It is one of the best shows out there. What amazes me every time I watch it is how dense the episodes are. They pack more plot, character development, pop culture references and jokes into a 22 minute episode that most movies could pack into 90.

The third season was a little weak in my opinion. Not that it was bad, but it didn’t stand well next to the first two seasons. Then again, not much could.

Need Season 3…

V.Bros has become one of my favorite all-time cartoons. The relationship between Monarch and Girlfriend (and that character in general) is genius.