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The Velocity Diet

Anyone planning on trying this diet before the summer gets here?


I have just spent 3 weeks on T-Dawg 2.0, and am down 7.5 lbs. I have decided to do two weeks of the Velocity, but I am making a little change. I am having one single solid food meal each day.

So maybe my diet is more like the T-man form of the slim fast diet. A shake for breakfast, one for lunch, another one later, a chicken for dinner, and one more shake B-4 bed. (Ok, not exactly correct.)

Grow! is a heluva lot better then slim fast, that is for sure. (Yes I have tasted it before.) I do know that adding milled flax has resulted in me needing to stir up the stuff continuously, but it tastes a lot better then flax oil mixed in.

I start Monday after the Super Bowl.

Read the Fat Fast Redux Group for info on how people did it/how they fared on it.