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The Vegetarian Did what?

Uh-oh…The vegetarian weight-lifter finally bench pressed 300lbs today. Not bad considering this vegetarian weightlifter was only pressing 260-270 in January, and is on a cutting cycle! This vegetarian weightlifter has thus lost 6lbs since January, and put 30-40lbs on his bench…hmmmm this could start a revolution or something. Vegetarians that can actually put up decent numbers in the weight room, that know how to squat properly even when they have a somewhat bad knee (I will provide leg shots if neccessary)…I don’t know what’s going to happen to the rest of you folks. You might be hunted down by us vegetarians.
Anyways, just fucking congratulate me on finally getting 300lbs at 20 years old and never having done roids.

I’m sorry, I was to busy tearing steak from this hear cow to listen to your vegetarian ass. tell me at barbecue night, ok?

jason…thats a preety good bench at your age…may i ask how old ur and what you weigh…bm

I figured I’d give you a recent picture from Saturday. And yes, I cut my hair.

Congratulations, Jason! Only 20?!?!? Egads, guy. I’m afraid to think of what you’ll be benching 10 years from now if you keep it up!

And one more…

well in son
fuckin 'ave it!

used to be vegetarian then i got into weights, respect for diatry effort you mustve put in.

get well soon wit the knee

So who knows, maybe some vegetarians out there will want that diet, or maybe some cheap college students liek me. It only costs $30 a week or so to operate that diet at Costco. Al, thanks on the knee. I did something too it when playing football last year (non-contact injury) and it has 95% recovered since then. I can do below parralel squats again if I want too, though I choose not to, I can run sprints, and you’d never be able to tell. I haven’t tried long distance running in awhile though, I know I can do it with a brace but I’m curious if I can do it without.
It was a long recovery with me as my therapist. I did some stupid things, like walking 4-5 miles/day the week after I injured it with living on a big campus and all, and then then being in Mexico. But I’m pretty much back to normal, and for that I"m glad. I don’t think I"d be able to deep squat with a 3 second pause at the bottom if it hadn’t gotten a lot better. I just had to take it slowly…working back with 135lbs for awhile.

If anyone cares to hear how I got my bench up that quick I’ll be glad to give the route I took. Also of interest, I tried something new I had never done before. I decided at the start of my workout on Thursday that I would lift 85lb dumbells for chest press. I managed 12. I just did 1 set. So Friday just for the heck of it I picked up 100lb dumbells and actually managed 6 of those. I was quite surprised.

No comment on the vego thing.

Careful with the knee though, in high school I had a total knee dislocatement that destroyed all ligaments (ACL, MCL, PCL, and LCL) and cartiledge and damn near the artery but after a major surgery or two and some bitching scars I was full squatting some appreciable weight and back up to 190+ under 10% fairly quickly.

In the few years since I’ve only had probs with the knee one time, and that’s when I went for just over a year without doing anything on it. Make sure you continue progressing it and don’t back off.

Big Martin, I’m currently down to 192 at 20 years of age. I don’t go by the body fat percentages that much because even with calipers I find them to be too innacurate. I mainly just go by the vertical fold around my umbilicus. The last time I cut I started off at 20mm and made it down to 12mm in 3 weeks while maintaining the same weight (gotta love 1-ad) but then I got bad and went back up to 17mm, still the same weight. Then I headed off to Mexico and my friends were mocking my waist so I said enough is enough. I’m on week 3 of cutting, I’m trying out Hot-Rox and don’t notice anything different, except that I’m actually gaining strength on the diet. But I have made one BIG BIG change since my previous cutting cycles: My calories are higher. Whereas before I would go sub-2000, there in the 2100-2400 range. My diet consists very strictly of almonds, protein powder (lots of it), egg whites, rice post workout, and baked veggies. Once a week I’ll up my calories to 3000 and eat mainly carbs (like oatmeal) and really spike my insulin after a workout with either pasta or white rice with teriyaki sauce. I usually get immedietly stuffed during this meal and feel like a wheelbarrow for the rest of the day.
The main thing I’ve also changed is that I know sometimes I’ll get stuck at school for more than 3hours, so instead of telling myself I’ll just wait out the 5 or 6 hours or try and rush home and not make it, I pack food. Generally it’s just 30 grams of protein powder and a quarter cup of almonds, but that constitues one of my 6 meals a day at 350 calories (it’s one of the smaller ones). Eating consistently has made it so that I don’t even have an appetite and can eat completely mechanically.

So here you go…you can all laugh at my diet, I’m going to post my food log of the day that represents a general type of day

Meal 1:
6 egg whites fried in olive oil with some garlic
Meal 2: 30 grams protein powder and 1/4 cup almonds
Meal 3: Same as Meal 2 with baked veggies
Meal 4: Post Workout: 1/2 cup uncooked rice (Then cooked of course) with 30 grams protein powder
Meal 5: 1/4 cup almonds
6 egg whites cooked in olive oil
Meal 6: 30 grams protein

Simple? Yes. Cheap? Yes? Effective? Very much so. You’d be surprised how full you feel on this diet. And to all of you that make fun of people that eat out of measuring cups; HA!

mike mahler is a pretty strong vego

Keep up the good work. There are a lot of ovo-lacto vegetarians in lifting. Bill Pearl for example.

Just think how strong you would be if you ate correctly.

Doing good buddy! Being a vegetarian myself I can appreciate your achievement.

Um, sorry that im not impressed with a 300 bench…vegetarian or not.

Il cazzo you chump, he’s only 20, and it’s a PR. So shut up if you have nothing postitive to add to the forum.

Good work powda, soon you’ll be at 3 full plates a side!

Machine bench presses don’t count big guy. :slight_smile:

ThumperTX now I’ll have to take the camera to the gym to take pictures of the 300lb bench and 100lb dumbells :slight_smile:
Maybe I’ll even take a pic of how I squat…if you can’t squat right use less weight.
Il Cazzo the main point is that I got my bench up around 30-40lbs while cutting.


I did 415 @ 235 as a senior in H.S. (just turned 17), by 19, lets just say I was eating 300 for a snack. Thanks for caring though.

Mienkia, at 20, while at school I remember doing 410 for 3 singles in the incline.