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The "Vegans Are Sad" Article

The whole world is slowly going plant based (vegan). In 10 years T-Nation’s Biotest supplements will be entirely vegan - because that will be the market trend and what sells.

I’d like to offer a wager to Chris Shugart of $1,000 - that on or before 31st December 2030, the entire range of Biotest supplements will be vegan.

That’s an incredibly small wager for a 10 year bet. You’d only need to put away about a quarter a day to be able to save up enough for that.

With the confidence you feel on the issue, I’m more than certain you could offer $100,000 for your wager.

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Nope! Not the whole world.
What would make you think that?

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If the whole world is vegan, what’s going to happen to all the cows?


They rise to power and must be obeyed.

There are not enough gifs on the Internet to express how laughably absurd this statement is.


Slightly ironic since jello is not vegan :rofl:

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I think you should have challenged Chris to a boxing match or a front squat contest rather than this bet.


I have to point out the irony in predicting business futures in the fitness industry while choosing “golds gym” as your moniker… with a “‘20” (the year of its bankruptcy) qualifier, no less.

I’m sure in hindsight this was all on purpose and you intended to be ironic, thus rendering my own observation ignorant, but I’m still entertained.

They will trample us, and gore us with their horns. Then eat all our crops and we will starve. It’s either us or them.

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They will return to nature, frolicking and whatnot.

Well, as much frolicking as can be expected from a cow anyways.

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You’d be surprised


That was a good bit more than I would expect from an adult cow. :joy:

That one even bombed the vid with a sideways trot!

I’ve seen a few baby cows frolic pretty good. Like a bovine puppy or something.


I am very pleased with the direction in which this thread turned. When I saw the thread title I was not expecting to watch a cow shuffle sideways.


You’re right mate. And if they don’t believe us then check this out:

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Being vegan isn’t as good for you or the planet as the claims they make. Eating local is what’s good for the planet and that means local meat.

One thing to note is that vegan food manufacturers are trying to will people into eating their shitty meat alternatives with predictions like this. They sound like analysis of what is currently happening but they’re just hope.

He can’t be that confident since he’s only offering even money.

If de lord God didn’t wan us ta eat de cows, he wudnha’ made dem outta meat!!!

At roughly $27.50 per day, that actually almost seems like a relatively easy amount to save up for…

You’d be amazed how many people never figure that out.