The Value of Good ART

Hello, T-people,

I wanted to write and comment on ART therapy. I have been a recipient of ART for the past few months. I began this treatment while in the Virginia Costal region a few months back. When I saw the therapist located in that area, i was wow-ed by the claims of ART, but not really impressed with my results. Sure, I noticed slight improvement of my ROM and a decrease in pain, but no overall healing. As I prepared to go home at the end of my semester up in the area (college student), i was told to take it light all summer. Further, I was informed that the condition would probably hinder me the rest of my life. I’m already a really small guy anyway dreaming of mass and what not, so this came as a bit of a downer. However, as is consistent with most members of this forum’s mentality, i was not going to be stopped. Before i left VA, i called and placed an appointment with another ART therapist about 2 hours from where I would be doing my internship for the summer. Yesterday was my first appointment. Suffice it to say I was much more pleased with my care with this practitioner. He has been practicing ART therapy and teaching it to others for quite a while, and immediately was able to diagnose my problems, as well as point out to me why the initial injury had occured. (I injured my pectoral muscle, and was told that this was due to the way i don’t carry my shoulders evenly.) He told me within the next 2 weeks I should have full ROM back. He also informed me that he would show me exercises to strengthen my weakened shoulder, so that I would carry it more evenly, and thus prohibit further injury. I have my second appt. next week, and can hardly wait. I already feel much much better. I say all of this to echo what Tampa-Terry and others have said about ART. If you have ever tried it, and were unpleased with your results, you might want to try another practitioner who has a more firm understanding of the practice, and can properly treat your area.

How much did this run you? Or did insurance cover this?

Dude, it is just like anything. There are good and bad chiros, DR’s, massage therapists, trainers, blah blah blah… I am glad you didn’t give up on it. I have had the good fortune of having two ART providers treat my clients on a regular basis, and all my clients have had fantastic results. I can say that I think ART providers are held to a very high standard regarding their training and certification, so I think it is safe to say that most of the providers are very good at what they do. We have the good fortune of having an excellent ART provider posting here on this forum. Dr. Gregg. He is a great guy, be sure to pick his brain, he is one of the most knowledgable people I have ever come across.

Ransomed, thank you for posting that! That was the single-most important concept I tried to get across in the “ART Case Study” thread.

Get Competent & Talented ART Care ! !

that and don’t be afraid to travel as far as you have to, to find it. I traveled 7.5 hours one way and stayed a week.

Darryl, not all ART practitioners are chiropractors. Most of them are. My insurance covers chiropractic after I meet my deductible, so it was pretty affordable.

But honestly, it’s good enough that I’d pay for it insurance or not.

I don’t get why people will spend money maintaining their cars, but they’re not willing to spend the same amount of money on their own bodies.

TT, the reason I asked how much it cost and whether or not his insurance covered it is because all options I’m looking into, ART and myofacial Trigger point therapay, are not covered by my insurance. Are there people in the chicagoland area? you bet. Does my bastard insurance have then in-network.


Which is why I plan to drown my sorrows in a crap load of crawfish tomorrow at a crawfish boil.