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The Vacuum


I am 46 5'10 190 BF around 12%. When I try attempt to suck in for a vacuum pose I dont not get near the hollow look I have seen on most BB'ers.
Just wondering if this is lack of muscle control, or still too much fat.
Any comments?


I don't think it's a fat issue. It could be that you're performing it wrong.


Could be fat. Internal fat doesn't register in skinfoldmeasurements. How did you determine your BF%?

Plus, most BB'ers don't get a picture taken while doing a vacuum. Only the ones very good at it, get a picture taken and published.

I bet you're doing it better than Ronny Coleman. :wink:


I think Coleman does the opposite of the vacuum. He sticks his gut out as far as possible....


I'm just guessing at BF. I have some definition in the midsection, fairly lean overall, just a bit of lovehandles.
I usually judge my leaness by watching out for the double chin


Are you sure you're blowing all your air out?


He's right, you're NOT sucking in air, you're blowing ALL your air out, then using your abdominal muscles to pull in.

It's a weird movement, practice it and you can get better at it. I think it's underrated, get good at it and do us proud.


Krollmonster has it right. Not only is it a good way to look skinny around the waist, it is also a good exercise. I would also recommend deep breathing as well