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The V in Biceps


Trying to figuere out how I can possibly put that V that sits on the deltoid and bicep muscle? I Have decent arms but not cut at the top where most others have like an arrow that points down, I hope you guys understand what I am asking for. Thanks if you do.


Shorty: That "V" is simply the appearance of a fully developed deltoid muscle("Delta")as it comes to a point. It isn't another muscle that "sits on top" of the deltoid. You make this stand out by 1) getting full development of all three "heads" of the deltoid and 2) Keeping low bodyfat percentages. Hope this helps!


Re-read your post, Shorty. You'll see that there's a clue in there for you... Okay, you've got good arms, but for that "V" cut that you want, you've only got half the package - the other half being shoulder muscle! Specifically, you probably need a lot of medial delt work. All kinds of lateral raises work well, and CP has a great program on the site for increasing "cap mass". Give it a shot, doing all the tempos, etc. and see what you think.


low bf% and good overall deltoid, particularly the side heads of the delt muscle, and the lil v that sits there is yours. how to do all that? well, thats another question.