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The V-Diet with a Hitch...


Hey everyone, I need to lose some weight before my first track meet this April and have decided the Velocity Diet would be the best way to go.

I have everything I need, however my Dad has forbid me from taking HOT-ROX. I'm 17 and live with the family, so I can't really go against him.

My question is, will this affect me any?

I have really good fat burning/muscle building genetics and I hope that the removal of HOT-ROX will not have a huge impact.

Any feedback would be helpful.



Anyone doing the V-Diet at age 17 needs a real gut check. WTF is wrong with you? Unless you're horribly obese, you're going to do some serious hormonal damage. You're still growing and doing something crazy like the V-Diet or taking HOT-ROX is metabolic suicide. Take a look at Berardi and Lowery's work on nutrition. You need a lifestyle adjustment, not a quick fix diet.

I think we need some sort of disclaimer on this website regarding children attempting to diet.


I might be off-base, but how did you come to the conclusion that the V-Diet is what you need, having 9-10% BF, at 202#, 6'1" (and I assume that is you in your avatar)?

That seems to me like using a sledge hammer to lay shingles -- overkill, much?

But if that's how you choose to go, I would think that skipping the HOT-ROX won't be a detriment.

Edit: Wow. I'm a complete idiot. I gotta learn to keep my mouth shut, seriously.
I completely forgot about the muscle-sparing effects of HOT-ROX. Ignore what I said above about skipping the HOT-ROX.
I was wrong.


ZDrax was a little more blunt than I chose to be (bad choice, on my part, perhaps), but he's exactly right.


Uh, I strongly disagree. Nobody's going to suffer 'oh-so-much' from 4-8 weeks of dieting, no matter what age they are.

Metabolic suicide? He's talking about going on a normal diet, not becoming anorexic.


The V-Diet is "normal?!" It's based off the PSMF (protein sparing modified fast) which was made for hospital patients who were literally on the brink of death thanks to their weight. I think for individuals who have tried and failed with healthier methods (low-carb diets like T-Dawg, isocaloric diets like Berardi's, carb cycling style diets, or even something like NHE or the Anabolic Diet) then yes, the V-Diet may be something to consider.

Why suddenly eliminate all vegetable and fruit intake, and subsist off of protein powders, when eating a balanced healthier diet can achieve the same results? For someone who is 17, habits are still being built and a "lifestyle" is stil being developed. Explain to me how a crash diet like the V-Diet is going to help him long term. He even states he's an athlete. If I recall, the V-Diet has you doing, at most, early morning long walks as your only non-weightlifting activity. And your weightlifting activity is low volume at that!

This is absolutely crazy. Anyone who even moderately condones this sort of dieting behavior is insane.


Sorry, but he's NOT talking about going on a normal diet.
The Velocity Diet is anything but 'normal'. Ask the person who designed it.


I'd rather see you guys complain about the majority of kids who eat like crap than an already healthy person who's going to spend 2-4 weeks dieting.

At the age of 17 years and 4 weeks, he's been alive for 6233 days (not taking into account leap years). If he diets for 4 weeks, that means he'll have spent 0.449% of the time he's alive dieting. You really think it'll have such a terrible effect on him?

Oh no, I'm going to spend the next two weeks studying for exams and thus I'll be living on coffee and protein shakes, most likely consuming no more than 1000 calories a day. Should I just commit suicide right now, because this'll obviously ruin my life?


PS: I'm not saying the velocity diet is optimal in this situation, but neither is it as horrendous as you make it out to be.

Hah, if eliminating vegetables and fruit for a few weeks would be that terrible, then most of us would be dead right now.

For chrissake... people in some countries survive on a diet that consists mainly of rice, some beans, and a piece of meat once in a while. I'm not saying we should all live like that, but if we do for a few weeks, we'd certainly not be committing what you call 'metabolic suicide'.


Okay, some of the responses have been a bit harsh at this point, but I think I need a moment to explain myself.

One, I know I'm in no way fat, but I would like to get myself around 4-5% bodyfat for the track season. My reasoning behind this is that a 100M sprinter will reduce his times by .1 seconds for each bodyfat percentage he takes off up to a certain point. If losing 10 pounds will take .4-.5 seconds off of my 100M dash then I'm all for it.

I choose the V-Diet because I don't have time to lose the weight the old fashioned way. Besides, I'm only staying on for 3 weeks at the most, more likely 2. I don't think it's the healthiest thing, but I'm not after supreme health, I'm after my state record.

Thanks for the responses so far,


That wasn't my point. Look at his stats, and his photo. The V-Diet is not what this guy needs to drop weight. There are much, MUCH better plans, for HIM, for HIS goals, than the V-Diet. He'd be compromising his performance in that upcoming meet, at the least.


Losing the fat would probably improve your athletic performance, however the drastic diet like velocity would IMHO hinder athletic performance and render you more injury prone. It's author recomends only long walks as cardio exercise. You might do a search for Charles Poliquin who trains a number of high level athletes, and see what his plan is for cutting their fat % without hindering performance.


I would only do the v-diet for a max of two weeks without HOT-ROX or you really risk losing muscle.

You will drop in performance, but I bet given how atheletic you are- you'll bounch back in a matter of minutes when you're off it.

If that really is you in your avatar- don't you think that's a tad too much muscle for track? Most runners are considerably leaner and "toner" than that. Doesn't the extra muscle make you less agile? A strength sport I could see the benefits, but something that is purely speed oriented, i.e. track, swiming, etc. I would think it would be a detriment. I never played any sports so I really don't know, just wondering.



an angel just lost its wings


Love your guys' brutal honesty on here, always look forward to it. I'm not clear if you're doing this in prep for track season in general or a particular event but, as someone already eluded to, you're most likely going to kill your performance with the V-diet. You'll most likely end up drained and in very poor condition for aerobic exercise least of all. So if your preparing for a particular meet/even you're probably going to blow your performance regardless of what bodyfat % you have. Ask anyone on here, try drastic dieting and see what happens to your performance at the gym, Id have to imagine it'd be just as bad for track.

If your goal is long-term I guess take the hit and plan on recovering in the weeks after you're off of it. I would check out Berardi's articles on diet and take his approach...besides you'll need your carbs for track. I think you'll find if you cut your cals ~500/day on a moderate-high protein, moderate fat and carb diet and try to ingest most of your carbs at breakfast and post-workout you should see great results over the course of the track season.

dodges the incoming stones



Now that I'm done yelling... there is no running event, save the 60M, in which strength and power are more important. And besides, I weigh 205 pounds and I will weigh even less in 2 weeks. For someone who's 6'1", this is pretty light actually.

And for the weight being a detriment, I'm the fastest kid in my high school and I've never felt my muscle was slowing me down at any time.

Anyways, look for a thread in 2-3 weeks detailing my progress.



wasnt there a guy on here a few months back that tried the V-diet and failed miserably? Actually gaining weight while losing muscle mass, came out to be that he didn't use the HOT-ROX.

Watch what your body is doing to you, the muscle preservation qualities of the HOT-ROX are what really allows such a calorie restricted diet to work without the muscle loss.


If you do take it, your dad dosent have to know does he???


Do you plan to put your high intensity training on hold while on the diet? If not, I believe it will have a negative impact.

My personal experience with low carb diets have not been pleasent. Every time I have went low carb, I have gotten a bug and my training suffered.

However, I did drop 10 pounds in 2 weeks on a modified Velocity Diet.



Hey I said I never have played any sports and didn't know.

Thanks for the info. I guess most of the atheletes I see in speed related sports are not very big, more just lean and cut. I assumed it was for a reason.