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The V / Apollo's Belt


So, after last year's overall mass phase, I've switched to a split and a "cutting" diet to aim for a little bit more definition than I've had previously.

Basically, I'm looking to get a more astetic look. Go for it, give me shit.

Anyway... I'm looking to develop "The V" or "apollos belt."

I've been doing low rep weighted work, high rep "endurance" abs stuff but I feel like it's only working my upper abs and cant really get much of a burn or even feel any stress in my lower abs.

Any good exercises for this?



For lower abs I feel that leg raises, and bicycle kicks do the trick for me.


Strong abs and obliques with very low body fat will result in the Apllo's belt.


Leg raises with a twist to work obliques. Crunches and reverse crunches on a swiss ball are great because they let you get a good stretch and a good squeeze. Those are from Poliquin. Diet and wide lats are going to be the biggest factor, but you probable already know that.

No one should give you shit. Bodybuilding is about looks not how much weight you can throw.


the apollo belt is literally, the distal anterior transverse abdominal muscle, hypertrophy in it = belt


I googled "distal anterior transverse abdominal muscle" and couldn't find a thing.