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The Utah Monolith

By now everybody has surely seen the story of the metal monolith discovered in Utah. Now it is gone!

What are your thoughts on this. Was it art? Aliens? Secret government experiment? Space junk? Are there more of them we haven’t discovered?

Where did it go? How was it removed so quickly? Why did they leave a piece behind? Did the artist have OCD and not able deal with people’s fingerprints on it? So many questiions.

Park rangers removed it to keep the weirdos away.

The men in black…


Yep. It was “Them”.

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Nah, that just made it more interesting.

Agreed! This has K written all over it.

“Them” covers a lot of ground my friend. Who are “they”?


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The Illuminati

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One article said they are thinking it’s leftover movie prop… Uhmmm okay. Any who. The thing was 9.5 feet tall above ground by 23 inches per side made of approximately 1/8 th inch thick stainless sheet, riveted together. It was hollow but the sound was dampened when stuck so they think it was filled with foam. Plus siliconed to the ground.

Let’s just say 1/8 inch stainless sheet weights around 10lbs per square foot. The part above ground weighs at least 540lbs excluding whatever is inside. It’s been buried for years in rock. I don’t know about you but anything I bury (t posts, rocks, wooden fence post) in the ground that’s been there for years takes a helluva lot longer to get out than it did to put in. How did they lift it out of the rock and carry it out of a canyon, that they were afraid to give the location of because they didn’t want people to get lost or injured getting there? Pretty decent pull and farmer carry for sure.

I wonder how much stainless is bringing on the scrap market? :rofl:

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I think someone is having a lot of fun reading all the theories they have sparked.


I’m sure they are, but I am still curious as to how they moved it.

Scrappers! :joy:

I knew a guy who, piece by piece, scrapped (actually stole) an entire truck that had been left broken down on the side of a busy road.

Where there’s a will…

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And so it begins…


I like to see @SkyzykS comments on the shitty welding on the second monolith.

Poor copy.

Yeah, I saw that last night.

The first one was a much sleeker model. Helluva polish job to sit out in the dessert for 4 years and still be able to reflect the details of the stone behind it. No bird shit, rain, of dust stuck to it…lol

I cannot for the life of me phantom why people think grinder marks are artsy. It always looks like pure shit.


I’d probably say something like this:

But I can understand if it gets moderated.

Also, feel free to use all or any part of this if/when any of your pipe guys get lack of fusion/penetration on a root pass.

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