The Use of Drugs In Sports (Help)

Hello guys, I am currently having a debate with a guy who claims that sports such as rugby, NFL are drug free and that if one or two people are caught via a drugs test, it means that 90% of the team are drug free just because they passed a drugs test.

But my point is that failing a drugs test means that person is person was not lucky or intelligent enough to pass a test. I need help with finding sites that have evidence about steroids in sports such as rugby and the corruption of anti doping, and sports agencies.

The man has also said that his father was only 5ft6 but weighed 225lbs at 10% bodyfat drug free lol.

I have tried using Google but I was finding it hard digging through the amount of find the gold and this is a site that knows all about muscle, drug use, that is why I decided to ask you for help.

Oh my goodness you came back!

Whatever happened to achieving your bearmode goals?

@yogi and @dt79 , I know you are excited about this development.


I know a lot more about the use of sports with drugs, but I still hope you’ll unearth the websites with the evidence you’re looking for. Blow the whole fucking thing open man.


I wonder if he’s reached 200lbs yet or still busy proclaiming his intent to reach 200lbs.

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(Slowly backs away)

Professional sports are about entertainment, not sports. Bread and circuses man. Enjoy them, but don’t take them so serious. They take non-narcotic pain shots before every NFL game. If not feeling pain isn’t performance enhancing I don’t know what is.

If your bro’s dad was 5’6" 225 10% he probably looked damn impressive, good for him.

When there are divers in the Olympics taking PEDs then you know they’re ALL on them.

You might want to check into the OP’s post history.

Specifically, the thread about Bear Mode physique.

Make some popcorn first.

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I am not hoping to expose any corruption on a large scale, I made this thread in order to receive help with finding links to sites that report the usage of PEDs such as steroids in sports such as NFL, Rugby etc.

So you’re telling me you’re just going to sit on this information when you find it? Why not set the sports world on fire?

If you can please explain how a two year old topic (or any other topic that is about 2 years old for that matter) holds any relevance to the present thread then be my guest or otherwise, stop attempting to sabotage the thread with unwarranted bullshit.

Ahh. I’ll admit the title “bear mode” and the first post talking about “hooker physique” worried me a little.

That thread boiled down to: “I want to be huge” followed by “all huge guys use steroids” and ignoring advice offered.

As for drugs in sports. Look at the lengths Russia went to in order to cheat the Olympics. The Olympics have no money. Pro sports has money, and thus more incentive to cheat.

But why do you need proof so bad for an argument? Do you have less self worth because linebackers exist who are 265 with abs and run a 4.5 40? I don’t care about the drugs honeslty, that’s impressive.

Gold medal winners in many countries get paid a good amount by their governments for bringing home gold. I think Russia does this.

But here in the US not so much, although there is something to be said about sponsors and endorsements.

The US gets $25K for gold. That’s nothing compared to our big pro sports but if you’re into one of the sports where you can compete 8 times such as swimming then you can do ok. Michael Phelps makes out with about $200k after a few weeks of competing. I know he trains year round but I’d still take it. I train for free… Actually I pay money.

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Even through you contradicted yourself with the line: “Professional Sports are about entertainment, not sports” I do however, get what you were implying. But, I never said that I take such sports with such seriousness.

The point of the thread was to ask for help with finding links to credible sites about ped use in sports, in order to prove the guy wrong since he wants me to prove him wrong with evidence.

The guy is under the delusion that the reason Pro Rugby and NFL players are so big with low body fat percentages is because of new supplements that involve herbs as well as creatine and asparic acid.

My point about his dad was that according to the FFMI, his stats are that of somebody who is not natural and I even suggested to the guy that he could easily have been exaggerating his stats especially his bodyfat.

I have even pointed out to him that CT Fletcher has not participated in a strict bodybuilding unit but that he has also passed a drugs test. Does that mean that he was also a true natty? The guys reply was that ‘Bodybuilding companies lie about being strict about steroid usage’ but yet he says that RP and NFL players are drug free because they say so.

Ah, I stand corrected.

What proof do you need? Around 4/5 guys per year get punished for PED use in the NFL. They get varying degrees of punishment depending on their history. There. Some guys use, not all of them. Case closed. Use google and pull up 10 of those stories.

Also once you’re done doing that. Go lift.

Drugs tests are more unreliable than you think. People can train on drugs and stop taking them before a competition drug test and normally pass the test as clean. This is usually helped by a coach who knows what they are doing.

Say for example a Olympic Weightlifter taking 1 good but not all-inclusive test 1 week before a competition. They would have just under 4 years to train on Drugs. There are measures done to reduce this like Out of Competition Testing.

Also drug tests are not done to every member of a team usually especially low level events.
For example the IPF does this; ‘ICT is conducted at international competitions, such as when 2 or 3 or more athletes are selected’

Not everyone is tested therefore not everyone can be found.

Either your reading skills need work or you are deliberately ignoring the line about me saying that I was struggling to dig through the amount of shit on Google in order to find the gold and that is the reason that I had asked for help in the first place since people on this site know a lot about about finding such verified sites on the usage of PEDs in drugs than someone like myself.

Your line about about me having low self esteem just because I made this topic is extremely farfetched and clearly shows you often jump to conclusions based on your previous line such as the one that implied that I, myself supposedly take such sports seriously. You are missing the point.

Another example of possible bad reading skills and of you clutching at straws is that of your earlier admission of you ‘reading’ a two year old thread and jumping to the conclusion that I ignored all the advice that was offered to me? How do you know that when I had time, I didn’t visit the site in order to read the info that was handed to me? After all, I still remember Badger giving me some decent advice on constructing a workout plan based on strongman work.

Forgive me. But I think the obsession with “who’s on drugs” is the debate whiney little ankle biters have so they can feel better about themselves and their lack of progress. So I was likely a little harsh. The “natty or not” argument is tired and old. I meant you no harm.

Also don’t mock my reading comprehension skills if you can’t Google. See links below. Most lists include substance abuse and PED’s side by side so you’ll have to split it out since substance abuse is usually MJ.

Spoon feeding:

Google search: nfl drug suspensions 2016 - Google Search

USA Today List: 2016 NFL player suspension tracker

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