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The Usain Bolt Thread


I'm posting this a few minutes before the 100 final. Nobody can hold Usain Bolt. I call new WR! O how I damn near shit my pants every other year over this moment. Can't believe it's been 10 years since Maurice Greene ran in Seville!


Oh my God.


New WR! 9.58s


I didn't think it was going to be THAT fast... it's almost disappointing how he skips over all other times that still need to be run, like 9.64 and 9.59. Those times will NEVER get their chances to be WRs because of him.


Anyone else notice how the runners appear to finish a lot closer together as the times get faster?


Usain bolt 9.58. Tyson gay 9.71 so sick.


I guess it really is the whole mental block / Roger Bannister 4min mile, etc...



Damn, I didn't notice this thread when I posted mine.


Same here.

But it was crazy he demolished the competition!!!

OT: Some of those Shotput women are heuuuuge.