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The US Women Choked


Just watched the US girls choke hard in the world cup. All 5 girls but Wambach looked very nervous and lacked confidence with their shots in the shootout. Especially the girl that missed the damn goal... I don't watch much soccer, but that is a HUGE fuck up for a world cup athlete, is it not?

While this is being discussed, let's go ahead and post some of the biggest choke artists of all time.

This one is VERY hard to watch. So sad


Well, I'm super happy Japan won. I'd never expected them to go this far in the world cup. Well done to them. Underdogs FTW!! Always.


Yep, i am very happy for Japan. They need and deserve it more than the US that's for sure


People here are pretty excited, and it's 6am


I guess there's going to be a beautiful parade in the street next week :slight_smile:

Edit: this week, on your side of the world, Gambit.


Any of them in porn yet?


Ideally Alex Morgan will be very soon... She may have been the MVP for the US team that game. And only 22 years old


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US outplayed them in every way except for some unlucky bounces and penalty kicks.

That being said, they gave that game away. You can't go up 2-1 with 15 mins left and not win, unacceptable.

and Abby Wambach gives great head, jesus, if she only dropped on the ground to head that last ball in rather than using her foot, 3-2 lol


i don't think it's fair to say that they choked. someone has to lose...


I don't consider that a joke. They outplayed them by a long shot in the first half just couldn't finish. I think they were at a big disadvantage because the Japanese had seen the brazil usa pk in the quarters. That plays with your head as a kick taker. The PK's were not taken well. Awesome game though.


Still, one of the girls missed the net by a good margin. And another looked nervous as hell, and proceeded to screw up. I'm no soccer fanatic, but to me, that seemed like a pretty big choke. I feel bad for the girls and i'm not sure why they all lost so much confidence. Maybe because japan took them to the very end and that definitely wasn't expected.


How does that saying go? Oh yeah. And Not One Single Fuck Was Given That Day....


Wait ... There REALLY is a women's soccer team? Holy shit I thought it was a sitcom...


Second place equals first loser, in other words first in line to choke on some serious cock.



The biggest choke in American sport history. Congrats Japan.


I sense a future thread on this subject