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The US/UK Special Relationship

Just a thought based on the last discussion.

If the US and UK didn’t speak the same language, would there exist this alledged “special relationship”.

Are were as different to each other as the swiss and south africans? or as similar as those two groups?

And why should this exist…

same language??? That’s stretching a point. No, what truely binds us together is our mutual love of fast food and elasticated waist bands.

LOL very funny.

Remember thogh.

chips here (uk) are frys with you…
frys here make faggots (meat balls…seriously, and not of the human persuasion)!!
chips in the us are crisps here (uk)

see what you mean.

I am off to get my comfy’s on

I think the common legal, intellectual and cultural heritage have something to do with it. Our system and culture are much closer to GB, across the Pond, than to Mexico, right below us. English helps of course.

Really, I’ve seen it argued rather persuasively that there is an “Anglosphere,” – U.S., G.B., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – all united by similar legal, cultural and intellectual traditions, as well as by the English language.

Is the legal system adverarial there also. It is a good point, as many of our european cousins (funny speaking lot) have inquisitorial syatems. They also have no “health and safety” commision. Less litigation (uk is getting bad of legal suits) and a healty reckless regard for safety and speed. The culture differ. The british can drink their weight (literaly in fluid ounces) faster than any single group of peoples and do it in less style.

I worked as a bouncer once and we pulled a drunk girl out of the toilets. as we carried (read drag) her down the stairs, she sh*t herself.


do the US have any similarities to this. It goes without saying that all australiand do this on a daily basis, wheter dtunk or not!

I think the Canadians are ashamed at how little we drink and how bad our beer is – at least that’s what they keep telling me.

However, there is definitely a drinking culture, and it generally focuses on beer more than on wine and hard stuff. I think it’s an age-related thing as far as getting piss-drunk though – as in the younger people here tend to do it more often than the older folks (one of the benefits of being students is not getting fired for sleeping off a hangover one week day).