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The US dollar


The aussie dollar is flying high atm and I've been taking advantage of it an buying things offline from the states and saving a bucket load.

My question is are you guys suffering or is our dollar just on a boom as everything I've read just tells me about the aussie dollar going up and most likely going above the US dollar but that information is just from Australian papers and nothing from the USA.

"The dollar surged to US98.74 cents tonight after strong jobs figures pointed to a robust economy and raised the chances of an interest-rate rise as early as next month, The Australian reports.
The dollar has never reached parity against the greenback since it was floated by the Hawke-Keating government in December 1983. It last peaked at US98.49c in early 2008.
Some currency experts believe it could pass $US1 within days."


Yea mate!



Haha, what's that got to do with the price of fish?

If the US/Australian dollar keeps going to way it has I might eventually be able to afford to import Biotest supplements from the states! Ooh.... what a shopping spree I'll go on!


Its cheaper to buy from Biotest than it is from the Australian website im loving the increase in our dollars value


I have a feeling if that 40% mining tax ever goes through your currency won't be nearly as strong. So I'd stock up now.


our dollar is still our dollar. relative to other goods, its expensive for us to import. you need an internation economics class.


Not quite sure what you mean about 'suffering'. It's still buyin' stuff the same way it has been. It's worth on the global scale is taking a hit right now. Can still blow cash like a rockstar in Mexico.