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The Uroclub

I’m all for anything that allows you discreetly urinate in public.

‘The uroclub comes with a towel and it appears you are just checking out your club’ lol

WTF man, that can’t be serious! But the thing is, now it’s all over TV, it’ll be obvious that a person is using a Uroclub when they have a towel over the club. LMAO

That’s just not fair. Men can already pee in public whenever they want - now they get to carry it around in a golf club, too?

By the way, I think I would over-fill that thing with no difficulty. I would need a bigger club. Maybe they’ll make the Uro-Golf Bag for women.

It’s like the “chamber pot” from the 18th and 19th century … good stuff

Wow, failblog has a youtube channel? There goes my productivity.

[quote]timbofirstblood wrote:
Wow, failblog has a youtube channel? There goes my productivity.[/quote]

Yeah that’s how I found it. Killed a few hours right there. :slight_smile:

This one is just as good… it almost is a win

The Wunder Boner


Best Man Fail

I haven’t laughed this hard in a while.

This takes the cake for bizarre:

At first I actually thought this thread was about a urination & watersports fetish organization.