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The Unstoppable Kiai Power

Watch the amazing powers of the Kiai master ‘Yanagiryuken’!

Make sure you first check out this:

then finally this clip where he unleashes his full fury:

(same action as above, from a different angle)

Fucking hillarious. I’m especially amazed at the awesome kiai powers of that 17-year old kid :wink:

Always amusing to see delusionals teach their craft. Was he teaching a bunch of hollywood stunt men?

Good thing someone recorded his beat down.

That had to hurt.

I remember some bullshit a kin to that in the US.

He went and tried to use it on real MMA fighters, with them just standing there, and they didn’t budge.

I’m thinking those last clips probably haven’t made it into any of his promotional materials.

Derren Brown (psychological illusionist)

“It’s just in your mind.”

[quote]PGA wrote:
That had to hurt.[/quote]

Ouch. There goes his ego.