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The UnKillable Kleinhound


Once competition is over my goal is to start enjoying training again. It’s become a Full time job and not as fun. I getcha there buddy!

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While there’s no magic program, the SB911 really drove my squat and bench last time, while leaving room to run without feeling over trained, so I will run that again until I hit my goals. And I will hit my goals.

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No changes, no modifications, as written


Good luck on the refocus! I know it worked for me this year to recharge my training a few weeks ago and go in a completely different direction for awhile.

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Thanks brother, I feel excited having put them down on paper. I want to achieve them by the end of the next twelve weeks as well, so now there’s time frame it’s either success or failure and I like that. Now there’s a purpose to getting up and after it


What sort of time can you run the mile now. I would have thought this wouldn’t take too much work.

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I have no idea, I haven’t run in weeks lol


Ok maybe it won’t be too easy then. They all sound like some solid goals mate. But enjoying the process is definitely the most important think.

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Went in and just got a good upper body pump today. It was … enjoyable.
Looking forward to next week and making a serious run at the goals, hoping to box squat 180 for 7 or so


What happened to all of that conditioning work? What’s the status with the police gig?

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Well no invite for the first intake, but recruiting said at the start of the year that we’d passed and we’re in the pool and we couldn’t do anything further from this point other than wait for a phone call. Kind of sucks but what can you do. I know only ten people made the first cut, and they may have been from the application pool before me


10 people? Dang!. We’re understaffed and always trying to catch up. One class just graduated with 31 people and they started another one with 20-30.

Back in the good old days where more people wanted to be cops it was more like the situation you describe. Hundreds of people trying to get spots and they’d keep a list of qualified people and call them when it was their turn to go through the academy.

Well, as you said, you’re on the list. Hopefully they call sooner rather than later.

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Did a conditioning class and some sled work yesterday, but of fun and nice to move around.
Today a photo from 2 years ago popped up on my time line…fuck I need to get back to this. Admittedly I was training for about 2 hours a day then, and only worked nights so had more time for recovery
But add this physique to my current goals


A little leaner here but you have more mass for sure right now. And really not too far off in terms of body fat in my oppinion.


I think the biggest difference is the sweat and pirate flag.

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Good greif man you are getting shredded.


Haha hog thats from 2 years ago! Need to recapture that!

Great session today. Felt focused and really enjoyed myself because of it. A lot weaker than I thought in lots of areas so plenty of room to improve


I feel hyped for tomorrow. Going to squat something impressive. I feel it.


Squats went well.
Box squats 180x6 then 160x7
Bulg split squat 3x10 with 40kg BB
RDL 4x10 W 100kg
RKC plank 2 sets of 10x 15sec contractions
Sled 5 efforts


Run this morning, eased into a 3km run without much pace. Definitely out of practice