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The UnKillable Kleinhound


Just the podcast Joe did with Wenning
It’s not overly complicated, just three exercised to Target weak/key muscle groups for the main lift done circuit style no rest 4x25 each exercises
Start light and build over years


Fair enough, I’m assuming we’re talking Joe DeFranco, not Rogan. Cheers for that, I’ll check it out.

Also I ended up doing the exact thing I swear I wouldn’t with DeFranco Insider. Getting all those programs was too tempting :joy:

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ME lower
Warm up: 4x25 back extn/goblet squat/db row
Main lift: 20 inch box squat 230kg PR 506LB FUCKERS!!!
assistance 1: good mornings superset W bulg split squat 3 rounds
Assistance 2: back extensions W 20kg superset W hollow dish rocks

So happy to hit a 500lb something. And it wasn’t wrapped and, while not a bouncy touch and go either, just a solid rep.

Victory selfie


Congrats on the 506 mate and looking solid. Surprised not to see them quads in the photo, though 506 would add at least an inch.

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Rep upper.
Warm up: 4x25 incline db press/row/ Rd fly. Used 17.5kgs and 4kgs today. Sweet spot of weight
Main lift: incline bench, 3 sets max reps
Assistance 1: chin ups/band pulls ss x4
Assistance 2: lat pull down 3 sec eccentric X3
Assistance 3: pushups/ab wheel X3

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Gluts Doms…man…I don’t think I’ve ever had these. Guess they’re finally working

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Looking rock solid bud

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I prefer 28s. Start and finish with full reps. You think you can’t after the partials, but just another chance to give it hell!

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Looking rock solid man! Congrats on the 500+ that’s awesome

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I’ve tried to turn my 21s (usually more like 30s) into mechanical drop sets. If I get the weight right then the final partial reps are just like 7-10 failed full reps. It takes everything I have to get to the halfway point.

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I’ll get a leg pic in for you don’t worry :wink:

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You like cruel and unusual punishment.

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There is something strangely satisfying about pushing out a few more than you thought possible. So much easier when another is pushing you. Too easy to disappoint yourself


Max effort upper today
Warm up: seated row, band pulls, pushups 4x25
Really enjoyed that
Main move: bench press medium grip. Single at 125kg.
Supplement: seated machine ohp 2x max with 2plates per side
Assistance 1: face pulls and bicep curls
Assistance 2: lat pulldown, 2 ramping sets, 1 double rest pause
Assistance 3: standing abs
Good day.
Bench was less weight but felt technically better. Not just bouncing off my sternum with a wide ass grip. Keep at the tricep and upper back work and hopefully keep improving


De load week this week, it’s awesome.
Have basically done nothing so far and I feel super rested.
Strongly thinking of doing BBB 3 month challenge to close out the Transformation challenge.


BBB month 1 week 1
Press: 5x 40/45/50kg no extra reps
Bench: 5x10 55kg
Chins 5x10
Curls, triceps and face pulls 3x12

Enjoyable. I have not done that many reps on bench in a while lol. Heck of a pump. Nice and light for now


Week 1 day 2
(Life got in the way this week, bday etc)
Deadlifts 5x 125/145/165kg all dead stop
Squats 5x10 85kg
Decline sit ups 5x10
Sled 6 efforts

I made the mistake of dismissing the squats today. There’s no way 85kg will be any challenge I thought. 50 reps disagreed. By the time I got to the sled I was buried lol. Lesson learned. It’s going to take focus and effort to get to 5x10 with 140kg/308lb


Yep 10 rep squats are not nice, glad I’m not the only one enjoying them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


someone added squat cardio, I know the feeling and 135 burns like no other


BBB week 2 month 1
Press 3x 45, 50, 55kg
Bench 5x10 55kg
Chins 5x10
Curls and triceps 3x10-12
Face pulls 50 total