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The UnKillable Kleinhound


Haha nah mate it’s actually a stationary treadmill type thing
I thought it was bullshit but it’s actually a great alternative and no-one uses them (there’s two)


That actually looks really interesting. I love how being on here I see new stuff I didn’t know existed. Someone was talking about a weighted carry machine the other day which I thought was cool and now this…mind blown !!!
It all reminds me of RockyIV your are like Ivan Drago with all your technology and I am pushing a wheel barrow full of rocks in the snow (metaphorically speaking)


It was me and it also has this sled like feature.

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Thanks @JMaier31or should I say Ivan

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If you like that then you’ll love this! Unfortunately, it’s too light for guys like us. It was fun to play with but it wasn’t exactly a workout.


3 mile today. There’s some good long constant incline hills around my house so I always start uphill. Really gasses me but I guess that’s the point. Leg conditioning getting better. Feel like I could have run 6 if I wanted which is nice. I’m running distance outdoor and hilly for times that I was on a treadmill which is nice. At some point I’ll find a flat area but probably more beneficial for real life to run the hills


31 one in a month. Best shape yet I feel.


Looking solid mate. Nice work. How I wish I was 31 again. Lol

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Sorry, late. You got out of position early on, which is usually a death sentence for sumo. You did well to get through the lift. I think @littlesleeper is on it, be patient off the floor and focus on staying tight and in position.


For sure. Makes plenty of sense fellas. Appreciate it


DE lower

Warm up 4x25 of
Back extension, glute bridge, squat (all bw)

  1. Box jumps 8x 44inch
  2. Harness resited sprints 10 efforts
  3. Decline sit ups & db stiff legs 3x12

Fucking toast. Great session.
Less is more…I hope…lol


Harness resisted sprints…holy shit. I feel that in every part of my low body today…amazing.
Definitely will be doing combinations of these and sled pushes. Being able to actually lean into the sprint properly gives so much hamstring recruitment and also calves…
I love this treadmill


Me upper
Warm up: db row, bench and Rd fly 4x25
ME: 5 sec pause bench 105kg
Weakness: triceps
SE: JM press 3x8 with 60kg
Lat pulldown & face pulls 4 sets
Seated row & db oh tricep extn 3 sets
Pallor press & underhand tricep extn 3 sets


600m swim
Still suck at this. Still enjoy this.
Didn’t drown, win.

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Have you ever had any coaching for swimming or tried online coaching drills ?

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Negative. Mostly at the moment I’m trying to avoid the drowning technique haha.
Technique isn’t horrible, it’s just the breathing pattern and getting used to pacing myself. I pretty much always over shoot the first 100m and am sucking wind after that, but it’s almost harder to go slow lol


I found that when I was getting out of breath it was usually because I was using too much legs which was a technique issue. I used to do a number of breathing drills using a kick board and a pull buoy which really helped.


I swear that out of all the days, DE Lower is the one that takes the most out of me. It doesn’t make sense :joy:



Looks good man. Nice workout

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