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The UnKillable Kleinhound


Three rounds of AMRAP on sit ups??? If I hit failure on sit ups then my abs cramp. It’s awful. It takes 5-10 minutes to let up too.

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Yeah they seem to recover pretty quick. It just hurts while I’m doing sit ups or whatever. Kind of like back for Chin ups

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Perhaps I’m just out of shape :laughing:


3miler this morning. Nice easy pace. The area around my house is hilly so it’s noticeably more difficult that flat or treadmill running but I enjoyed it so much more. It was so quiet at 5:15 when I started and from the hills the city lights looked awesome


Alright hella emotional post here but nostalgia just came and slapped its monsterous wang in my face just then reading that.

Bought me back to a morning I was staying in some hills surrounding sydney and was on a morning run, listening too https://youtu.be/wU_oCGdka-U (if you know mighty car mods, youll know)
The sun was starting to light, but it was still dark enough to see night lights
Chills man


You big softie

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Thinking I might to try PR a mile tomorrow after DE legs if I’m not too smoked

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Have experienced this… sucks ass!!


DE day but secretly ME day
8 sled runs at 80% bw
10 jumps
Sumo deadlift to heavy single 215kg. Massive form breakdown. Devastating. 200 moved like it was 180 and I thought for sure I was going to PR. Maybe rushed my set up, but I slacked on the leg drive, hitched hard and gassed myself to lock it out.
Light single leg rdls and abs to finish
No mile to
No beuno lol
At least I have an idea where my weakness is on sumo. Seems like my posture really fails first, so more upper back work and maybe even some stiff leg sumos. Might need to adjust the stance, closer gets me more leg drive but may also need to increase flexibility and go a tad wider. Any thoughts? Shit angle though


Me upper.
Benches we’re all taken do did incline
Incline bench closeish grip 95x3
Seated db ohp 2x max reps
Back attack (plate overcoming iso 20sec/db row/rear delts burnout) 3 rounds
Shrugs 3x12 w 100
Arms superset
Short on time no conditioning

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At least you were wearing a cool shirt

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I was a gymnast as well. I was probably way before your time though. I competed from around 86-96. I feel I owe my core strength today to all those damn v ups I had to do everyday. Looking solid bud!


I thought the shirt alone would add 20kg

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Maybe try two next time

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You get a prize for the ultimate lazy poatmy friend. Saving all your energy for them gainzzzzzz. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hahaha yeah man the 300 rep warm up giant set had me breathing out my ass. Easier to take a pic than type.
I need to squat in flats I think. Save my olys for high bar, fronts and Olympic lifts.

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Not a horrible pull. It looked like your hips came up a little high before the bar broke the ground. For sumo, I really try to keep my torso as vertical as possible through the lift. This would require sitting a little further down and back. It may feel a little more difficult off the floor, but if you are patient, the rep should be smooth.


For @simo74 haha
Well first time using the sled mill (that’s what I’ll call it) you can push it or put a harness on and sprint away from it, or even put the harness on and do backward sled walking stuff. It was hard as fuck, I’ll probably use it on DE for resisted sprints as there are usually people all over the sled track if you’re too late getting to the gym, but no-one seems to use the sled mill which is a plus


Thanks @kleinhound those sled pushes don’t sound nice. It there are people all over the track, does that mean you ran some over. Lol