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Voices of reason it would seem

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Alright you bastards, this one was for you @JMaier31 @MarkKO

  1. Chest machine press 3x12 with squeeze pause
  2. Db flat press 3x8
  3. Incline fly 3x10
  4. Single arm pull down 3x10
  5. Seated row with 5 sec ecc 5x8
  6. Chins 3x failure
  7. Rear delt/med delt fly superset 3x15
  8. 100 rep calf raise drop set.

That’s the spirit!


I still think I’m going to hate not squatting and deadlifting as often as I’d like. I’m thinking of completing monolith as a compromise. I’ve never finished it and it’s a program I would love to conquer

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Typical me trying to program hop a week in because it’s not what I’m used to. Luckily I’m calling myself on this bullshit.
Week two.

  1. 4 sets of 8 this week meadows rows
  2. Smith machine row, pyramid to heavy set of 8 in 4 sets
  3. Db rows 3x8, final set drop set to failure
  4. Sumo deads, heavy ish 3x5. Doing deads later in the sequence was tough
  5. Hanging stretch
  6. Abs 4xfailure hang raise
  7. Standing calf raises 3x10 with 10 partials

85.6kg last night. Great Scott. Down to 82 in the morning lol.

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Heck. Volume creeping up, only week two.

  1. Flat db press, work to a tough 8 reps paused
  2. Incline press, stopping an inch above chest. Work to last week’s weight but adding an extra rep, so 7 at 80kg
  3. Machine press, work to a heavy 15, then do three clusters to failure with 45 sec between
  4. Incline probated db fly 4x10
  5. Rear delt machine fly 3x15
  6. Db Laterals 3x15
  7. Seated db press 3x8 paused at the top.
    Big pump
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John meadows is a sick bastard.

  1. Seated leg curls 3x10 work sets with last set a double drop set to near failure.
  2. Squats work to a heavy 8. New 8RM with 180kg. Absolutely eyeball popping rpe 27
  3. Bulgarian drop set of death. Fuck this. 3 sets of 8 bulg Ss with dbs, escalating each set. Then 4th set is 8 reps, 8 sec iso in bottom, immediately to 8 reps with the lighter weight, pause again and repeat with the lightest weight you used. I barely survived and then immediately went and threw up.
  4. Barbell stiff leg deads with 4 sec eccentric and only coming up 3/4 for constant tension. One set of ten.

Got my hookgrip sleeves in the mail. They are beautiful and so comfy. No rebound whatsoever but they warmed my knees beautifully and the mental thing of just feeling them on seemed to make me squat as if I was in proper sleeves. Pretty cool. Plus, they make me look like Lu xiaojun in my head haha


My legs are toast today. Thankfully just arms

  1. Tricep pushdown on single handle, many warm up sets then 4x10 working a constant tension style
  2. Dip machine, worked to a reasonably heavy 3x8
  3. Incline ez Bar skull crusher, 3x10 constant tension with a 30 sec weighted stretch after last set
  4. Pinwheel curls 4x10 big squeeze
  5. Ez Bar Curl W 3 sec ecc 3x8
  6. Seated incline db curls 3x10
  7. Ab rope crunches 4xfailure
  8. Seated calves 3x15 with 5 partials and tib raises to failure

Back chest shoulders extra pump

  1. Machine press 3x15 constant tension
  2. Db press 3x12 constant tension
  3. Machine fly 3x12 with pause in stretch
  4. Single arm supinated lat pull down 3x12
  5. Close grip pull down 3x15
  6. Wide grip partials with 2sec pause at top of head 3x8
  7. Superset 3x20 rear delt fly and db lateral raise

Finally being smart about Hypertrophy work and selecting appropriate loads. Not hating this extra weight at the moment. Definitely not as lean as I was at the end of the T challenge, but easily still around 12%


One of the diet coaches at the gym today actually asked when I was competing next and I asked what in. He mistook me for a physique competitor which was a nice compliment apart from my legs lol… But it kinda got me thinking… :thinking:


There’s definitely an air of unit around you.

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Skipped back yesterday as I felt and slept like shit
Chest and shoulders today

  1. Slight incline db press, work to a heavy 10, comfortable set with 37.5s which is the most I’ve ever used above 8 reps
  2. Incline bb press work to a heavy set of 8
  3. Smith machine slight incline 4x6 working up with 4th set a drop to total failure
  4. Dip machine 4x6 with a pause in the stretch position
  5. Db lateral raise 5x10 short breaks
  6. Rear delt destroyer set. 1 big drop of
    60 partial swings with a medium weight
    30 partial swings with a lighter weight
    10 swings with a light weight.
    Extra calves 4x10 with 10 partials and a 10 second stretch each set
    Quite a painful session
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You’re pretty damn lean year round. It looks like your traps or shoulders have grown a bit too. And 12% is fun. You can eat the good stuff on occasion and not have to beat yourself up about it.

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Yeah that’s what I just need to remind myself. It’s okay to take it a little easy to grow, and I’ll just let the mirror and scales be my guide. I’m eating like a complete asshole, it’s still around 80% clean and home made


I don’t want to hear it! I’m over here knocking on the door of 20% body fat and my cut might get me to where you’re at now.

You’re in better shape than most if you’re growing at 12% body fat.

Enjoy your good fortune and take it slow. We had a discussion in my log about how much glycogen and water you could expect to store in new muscle. I wanted to know how much scale weight I could expect to see if I gained 1 lb of muscle. The answer was 3.4 lbs.

Look for an average gain of 0.75 lbs per week and you’ll should limit the fat gain that comes with growing. I guess for you that would be 1.54 kgs per month and 0.386 kgs per week.


While I’m over here picking bits of that door out of my hair from when I barged throught it :joy:


Whoops that should have read “I’m NOT eating like a complete asshole” haha.


Mountain dog legs is so shit lol.

  1. Lying leg curl, 4x10 at a moderately heavy weight, 4th set is a double drop with a 20 sec iso hold a few inches into the rep on the final rep of the last drop, if that makes sense. This burned.
  2. 45 degree hack squats, working up in sets of 8 with 3 sec descents. Got up to 3.5 plates a side. Gross. I found it really hard to drive out of the bottom which was good for constant tension. Makes me realise what a hip and back squatter I am.
  3. Leg extension drop set of death. 3x10 increasing in weight. 4th set is at same weight plus two drop sets and then 10 partial reps in the bottom 1/2 of the movement. VMO exploded.
    Nausia and cramps etc.
  4. Db stiff leg deads, 4x10 with 50kg dbs.
    I felt so sick by this point. Little vom post workout. True gym bro.