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The Unit


It just went into syndication on Spike TV. It's a great show that got canceled early(Fuck you, CBS).

Watch it! It has guns and violence. And you can ignore the parts dealing with the wives.


Good show, been watching it on spike. My cousin is a Navy Seal and he loves this show, so it's pretty realistic too.


canceling this show = fail


Solid program


One of the best shows they used to air around primetime back then! Great combat scenarios.


It was an OK program. But at times it was so cheezy it was painful to watch.


Mack was droolworthy...and the show was good too.


I'm with sjoconn. This show is painfully cheezy at times. I started watching this when I was in Iraq...just burns on my external hard drive that I watched on my laptop. I finally got to the point of clicking through the "home" scenes to get back to the "deployment" scenes.

The 3rd and 4th seasons got really ridiculous. It was obvious that they were trying to attract more female viewers to up their ratings by focusing the show on more domestic terrorism that directly involved the wives. That and bringing a female onto the team.

But for whatever reason it worked enough to keep me watching...I just prefer the first two seasons.


It was actually based on the experiences of myself, jpclear, sjoconn, and alpha.

they had to tone down conn's parts for the show to make it more believable




You finally got to the point?
You are a more patient man than I. I watched 5 seconds of the first non-mission/non-training scene and have been skipping them since.

Yeah, it's kind of like Spartacus in that aspect. Cheesy and awkward a lot of the time, but still somehow a lot more interesting than most of the crap that's currently running...

I'm surprised that the show made it all the way to it's fourth season... Most shows that show ANY kind of promise (IMO) get ditched after 2 or so...


They cut out all you guys' MMMM............................................F's ?


loved this show, dennis haysbert rocks



sjoconn makes me ride the lollercoaster


Cheesy as it was, and it totally was, when they rescued the Allstate Guys' daughter and that one dude had the chance to kill Jason Patrick for bangin' his wife I still stood up off the couch and was all

"Kill that motherfucker!!! Kill 'em!!!!"

If a show makes me get off the couch, it's solid.

Burn Notice, now there's a straight up fun show.


I love Burn Notice, when I was in Miami last year, I was like, "Oooh, look, there's where they film the opening credit! And that place looks familiar!!!"

And I don't think Tiffy is worth killing Ryan, she's just a dirty skank.


This is my favorite show! I have the 1st 3 seasons. I know its small but I was pissed when they changed the intro and credits song in the 3rd season. The previous one was perfect! I know there is a 4th season so does it end at that? no 5th?

BTW Jonas Blane > All


I agree with all the above posts.