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Hello there,

I have been lurking in this forum for some time because I suspected I had low testosterone and now it is time to post. I have been going to a ND for a few weeks who specializes in hormone therapy and weight-loss resistance. She diagnosed me with hypothyroid and I have been taking a medicine similar to Armour. I just got my 24 hour hormone panel back and the results are below:

Test results Range
E1 .9 (3-12.0)
E2 1.2 (0-7.0)
E3 1.3 (1-16)
Total Estrogens 3.4 (4-22)
Testosterone 35 (45-85)
Dihydrotestosterone 6.3 (0-13)
Androstanediol 75 (48-578)
Androstenedione none (0-50)
DHEA 240 (5-1476)
5-AT 580 (42-710)
AN 2614 (798-4705)
OHAN 797 (461-1692)
ET 1768 (689-3252)
OHET 62 (134-1186)
PD 187 (32-501)
5-PT 173 (28-1062)
Cortisone 222 (92-366)
THE 4327 (1365-5788)
THB 117 (32-238)
5a-THB 302 (135-588)
Cortisol 129 (35-168)
THF 1549 (249-2800)
5a-THF 1205 (796-2456)

As you can see, my testosterone and estrogens are really low. In addition, my adrenals are 6,991 when they should be between 8-10k. We are going to table the adrenal levels at this time to focus on the ridiculously low t & e.

I am 28 and relatively healthy, however I have suffered from fatigue and depression and have always found gains in the gym to be relatively slow. Not too surprising given my hormone levels. My doctor offered to put me on trt right away, however she also gave me the option of trying to naturally raise my t through taking tribulus and vitex among other things. She just drew blood in order to test for total t, free t, shbg, and maybe something else? I am going to try some test boosting supps for a few months and evaluate my status before making the lifelong commitment to trt.

Anyway, I just wanted to see what some of the hormone reading experts on this board had to say about my lab results.