the unattainable goal?

It took me a year, to finally be able to complete a proper Glute-Ham raise. It probably should have been a lot shorter but i always move away from direct leg training and have to go crawling back. I had never heard of the movement before and just started it including it in my regular rountines. How long did it take anyone else?

Click here for a clip of me doing a couple.

Okay, that’s not really me.

In fact, I’m a complete pussy when it comes to glute-ham raises, but I will conquer them one day…

I usually do them while holding a 45lb plate. I thought nothing of this until a guy from across the street came over and told me they were hard to do.

Now I only use a 25lb plate. Ha

Cool clip, Mike!

Actually, ZEB, I was a little inaccurate when I called myself a complete pussy.

When you mentioned you could perform them with a 45lb. plate, I suddenly remembered that time in college when I actually performed six reps to complete parallel and back up - with my girlfriend sitting on my shoulders.


Only got a sec, Terry, but I posted several clips from that site awhile back.

The site is awesome and Mike Robinson (see T-Mag articles) helped put a ton of those instructional clips together for it at Ball State U.

If he or someone else doesn’t post a link to it tonight, I’ll find it and post it tomorrow.

Glad you liked it, and I know he will be too!


Is that exercie a good replacement for weighted ham curls, or should I just try it as an addition to what I do…since coming on this forum, I’m learning all sorts of new ways to make myself sore. Sniff, sniff.

Also, that was a really cool .mpg clip…it’s great to see how some of these exercies are supposed to be performed. Much appreciated!


Not to steal my man Mike’s thunder, but here’s the link:

Eric, seems to me that you added to Mike’s thunder!

Mike, I added it to me IE Favorites list. Quite a useful resource, especially the way it’s organized.

Thanks, EC, that’s it!

And I agree, Terry, it’s an awesome resource to use to see exactly how some of those exercises that you hear about so often, yet no one at your local Bally’s ever performs, are done.

One of the many things I like about it is that the guys in the videos aren’t just going through the motions with an empty bar or some little chrome dumbbells, but they really pile the weight on! (yeah, I know you hardcore power lifters are laughing, but I know I’m not quite there yet!)

And again, props to Mike Robertson, who put the whole thing together.

And Mike, apologies for the earlier Mike “Robinson” reference.

note to self - don’t post when already late for an appointment…

How about a (proper) one handed chin up? I’m not even close. Any success stories?

Well, ZEB and I one time…oh, never mind.

I’d love to hear who all’s had success with that.

A video clip would be even cooler!