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The Un-asked Question?

There is one question I would have liked to hear Bush or Kerry answer: What are your plans when Iraq elects an Ayatolla and not a president in their “free” elections. The Iraq war has doen the one thing eight years of the Iraq/Iran war couldn’t do. That is establish a Shiite majority in Iraq. The Sunni’s (Saddams tribe) and the Kurds make up a small percentage of the population, the overwhelming majority is Shiite, same as Iran. These people are not intersted in freedom, they want to live at the direction of an Ayatolla. If this is truly a free election (and the whole world will be watching) this is a distinct possibility. To prevent it would be a puppet government (same as the current one) established and maintained by the USA/England. This prove the “free” elections to be a mockery and another “black eye”.

Great question.

The idea that we will leave Iraq with a US-style democracy is just naive and wishful thinking.

I heard 40% of Iraqis would vote to bring Saddam back, if given the choice! Not sure how accurate that number is, but Saddam would definitely get some votes in an Iraqi election. Under Saddam at least they had stability.

Besides the possibility of creating another new theocracy in Iraq, there’s also a good chance that we’ll just be installing another dictatorship, a "Saddam Lite. For example the guy who is currently interim president (Allawi). He’s just a scaled back version of Saddam.

If we had listened to Lumpy, there would be no election at all. Saddam would be the only one on the ballot for many years to come.

Yes, it is a risk.

So was our Revolution.

Pray for our success.