The Ultimate WOD?

Thought it would be cool to try and come up with the ultimate WOD. By WOD I just mean a circuit style workout.

Got the idea from running Murph a couple times a month and am now looking for a change.

I thought

1 mile run
100 ring pull ups
100 leg raises
200 ring push ups
300 reverse lunges
1/2 mile sled push
1/2 mile sled pull

With a 20 lb vest

*thought maybe ring rows but not sure if 100
would be enough.

Any ideas? Should be under 1 hour.

Here are a few for my upcoming sequel to my Book of Bad Ideas


EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute), do Kettle Bell clusters (a clean into a thruster). In between clusters, do burpee chins (a burpee where you jump to the chinning bar, do a chin up, then land back into a burpee).

Either go for a predetermined amount of rounds and see how many burpee chins you can do OR set a set amount of burpee chins and try to beat time.


3 movements
Front squat for triple
Log Viper Press for 4
Burpee chin for 5

Get as many rounds as possible in 50 minutes


60 minute workout. EMOM, for the first 20 minutes, do 5 chins and 3 Devil Presses (DBs or KBs). Next 20 minutes, 5 chins and 4 Devil Presses. Next 20, 5 chins and 5 Devil presses.


40 minute workout. Do 4 box jumps, then 1 log viper. Next round, 4 jumps and 2 log vipers. Keep adding reps to the log viper press.


Using the tabata protocol (20 seconds on/10 seconds off), do Bear Complexes with a barbell loaded to 95lbs. I did this as a 40 minute workout where I got 2 complexes per round for the first 20 minutes, then 1 per round for 5, 2 per round for 5, 1 per round for 2, and 2 per round for 8.


3 movements, tabata intervals

KB swing
KB cluster
Burpee chins

Go cluster-chin-swing-chin-cluster-chin, repeat. Again, you can set a set amount of chins or go for a et amount of rounds.


20 rep squat straight to 20 rep deadlift to KB Fran to keg grace to stone to shoulder

Basically, start with the 20 rep squat/deadlift superset and just keep adding stuff to it. It’s name comes from Final Fantasy 6, and it’s a riff on a SUPER long boss fight where there are just more and more stages to fight.


I’ve done this a million different ways, but this was the final evolution of my prowler workouts for 50 minutes

KB front squat triples-carry the bells 60 paces–run back to start-low handle push the prowler to the KBs-front squat triple-carry 60 paces-run back to start-low handle push prowler to KBs-front squat KBs triples-front rack carry KBs 60 paces back to start-run back to prowler-high handle push it to KBs-front squat triples-front rack carry 60 paces-run back to prowler-backwards drag prowler to start

That’s ONE round.


Pretty sure we just had a whole thread on this, might be worth finding

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I think I saw it but, I was thinking more of a full body WOD that takes time a real challenge.

For example Fran is hard but short. Sure you can do it for an hour but, that will get monotonous.

Murph on the other hand with a vest on is going to take at least 1/2 (elites) but, adding 5lbs will lengthen it.

If someone did Murph everyday you would think damn. The same can not be said for a majority of WOD

On that note


One that I do now and then I call Blind Leading the Blind after the Trivium song since it was playing the first time I thought about naming it. Also I couldn’t see from the sweat in my eyes.

10-8-6-4-2 of
DB man makers
DB thrusters
DB devils press

Super scaleable with different weights. You could even add a weight vest along with the DBs for more misery. If it’s not long enough feel free to work your way back up the ladder.

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10 13-Count Navy Seal Burpees
10 Double KB Clean & Press (From the floor)

10 Rounds

For Time

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1991 8/24

1991 air squats
… immediately into…
5 rounds of
8 push press
24 alternating DB snatches

1 mile walking lunges
self explanatory

Dumb shit I did before an AP exam
10mile run+400m walking lunges

Victory day (will be done May 9th)
1945m farmers carry holding 45lb dbs
… immediately into…
5 rounds of
5 front squat
5 manmakers with 35lb Dbs (close enough to 34)
… finish with
101 pushups

5/9/1945 1:01


Gurkha Lift and Carry

45lb sangbag ( Or anything you can carry)

28 suicide drills alternating one run with the bag and one without. Carry it anyway you want.

Set the 2 points around 50ft apart. After 28 runs rest 5 mins and do it again. Doing rounds under 6 minutes is the goal.

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I better see some regular degular power cleans up in here. Did something horrible when I did deep water a couple years back, and read somewhere in the book about how Jon and his buddies would do a shit ton of power cleans.

So I also….did a shit ton of power cleans. By default my form got pretty decent just from doing 100 of those things, but I’m pretty sure, now that I think about it…I may have hurt my upper back meat. Which is just now, this year, beginning to really bother me.

But anyways….power cleans. Wanna see em up in this here thread lol.

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You can use a power clean for every single WOD I posted that has a clean in it.

That was me being humorous. I know everything can mixed and matched for whatever goals.

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Ah man I forgot about that. Think I might need to run that again some time

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That monument to non-existense is unreal man. Jesus I got sore watching that.

Reminded me of Dan Bailey doing a 4 on 1 of

King Kong


This one SUPER sucks…

Body Weight Deadlifts
1/2 Body Weight Squat Cleans

The first time I did this, I legit forgot how to do a clean for a second when I got down to 3 reps. It is perfectly HORRIBLE. lol


The fact that you can clean 1/2 bodyweight for 20 reps is beyond impressive

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Well, I’m not very big and the sets are very much broken… lol.
The first rule of metcons: Go as hard as you can until you can’t and then rest until you can again.