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The Ultimate T-Song!


I was just wondering what song you guys would nominate as the ultimate Testosterone song?

So to start the whole thing of, I like Paul Stanley's song Live to Die(http://youtube.com/watch?v=vYt6ZQ70FTw), Godsmack with I'm doing the best I can or Bring it on. Or possibly Clawfinger- The biggest, The best. But as the ultimate T-song, I'll have to wonder some more.


IMO the ultimate T-song needs to be classic rock...with that im gonna have to say one of these...

  1. Welcome to the Jungle
  2. You shook me all night long
  3. sweet child o' mine
  4. Rock you like a hurricane
  5. Back in Black


I'm feelin' the classic rock too - Back in Black, Welcome to the Jungle, etc.
Although, if I may nominate a few others from a slightly different era . . .
American BadAss by Kid Rock
Stein's Theme by Project 86
Both have great music and powerful, testosterone-driven lyrics.


What is the ultimate T-food i should eat to be the best T-man?

What about the ultimate T-jeans?

My buddy's wife is pregnant, hopefully she will have a T-baby!!!!!!!


The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats


Ha ha ha...or at least a T-miscarriage.




This is the best one yet: http://youtube.com/watch?v=eBGIQ7ZuuiU


The two songs that always get me in the right mental mindset to train are "Battery" by Metallica and the Conan theme song.

And "My Humps." Hearing that song always makes me want to hit a heavy bag, but for different reasons.


KISS - "Larger Than Life"


Dick in a box


Shit! I was just RickRolled!


That was my very first Rick Rolling. I almost feel proud.

Every time I see that video, I just have to watch the whole thing for some reason.

It's a classic, and I always have felt honored when being Rick Rolled, so I hope I can bring the same joy to others.

My wife keeps giving me weird looks whenever I play it. She just doesn't understand.



I nominate Turbo Lover. We all seem to have Lead & Love on the brains.





Damn, I keep falling for it.



I'd say ...

Rage Against The Machine- Killing in the name of

That's my nomination.