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The ultimate T-movie: Blackhawk Down!!!

Talk about the quintessential modern-day T-movie - and a true story to boot! I haven’t read the book yet, only excerpts of it, but I intend to do so. Apparently the actual Rangers and D-boys who consulted on the making of the film were very pleased with the results, finding it to be both as factually accurate as possible (within the confines of a 2-hour movie), and not too Hollywoodized. Perhaps the most INTENSE (feels twice as intense because you know it really happened just a short time ago) war movie you’ll ever see! Anyone else see it yet? (I know it’s only open in NY and LA so far, opening everywhere else this Friday). To those who have, you’ve GOTTA’ hand it to those two Delta Force guys who VOLUNTEERED to do what they did (without giving away too much of the story) – talk about friggin’ heros! The whole thing will give you a newfound respect for our military servicepeople. MUST SEE!

I caught a documentary on PBS a couple of years ago about the incident. It was mainly just a bunch of the guys who were there telling their stories about 4 years after it had happened. Most (if not all) were out of the military. These guys were breaking down as they talked. It was one of the best things I have ever seen. I can’t wait for the movie. Does the movie address the fact that Clinton didn’t allow any real armour in Somalia?

This one is on my “must see” list. I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about this movie, and how it is really true to life (the article was addressing the timeliness of this one and “Behind Enemy Lines,” and compared the two movies). Apparently, the military was behind this one 100% because it was meant to shed new light on the event. Virtually every one thinks that this incident was a major FUBAR, when in actuality it was only a political debacle, while militarily it was a resounding success. Pretty graphic, I hear. Can’t wait to see it.

Unfortunately, and this is the one thing that the movie DIDN’T really explain which I wish it did, there is no specific mention of Clinton or of Les Aspin (the Sec. of Defense at the time who refused to OK sending in any additional armor). There was just a general comment to the effect that, “Washington won’t approve it.” Even if they DIDN’T want to name names, I think the movie couldn’ve focused a bit more on how much “Washington” (i.e. the Clinton administration) really fucked those guys. Nevertheless, a GREAT, great movie. By the way, before I saw it I thought that a great way to end the movie would be (and STILL think it would’ve been great) to have a scene – and this ACTUALLY took place – where one of the Rangers who was blinded and paralyzed below the waist, weeks or months later is sitting in a wheelchair, meets Les Aspin, and the first thing out of the kid’s mouth after saying hello is, “We really could’ve used that armor, sir.” THAT would’ve been a great ending!

Anyone else seen it yet?

I have read the book twice and it is absolutly riveting…if the movie is half as good as the book it will still be great…also check out the web site Black Hawk Down…and you are right on concerning the two Delta force guys, it is the single bravest act i have EVER heard of…

I saw the first showing on Friday. It’s a great movie and I recommend it. It’s been about a year since I read the book, but from what I remember the movie stays pretty true to it (one of the changes they made for the movie was changing the name of a Ranger who was charged a few years later with raping his 13 year old daughter).
The scenes with the convoy and the stranded Rangers/DF were unreal. I can’t imagine what I’d do in that situation. Every one of those guys is a hero.
If you ever get a chance to go to a book signing by Mark Bowden (the author) go to it. He’s really down to earth, friendly, and will answer any question you have about his book.

I heard it is recommended to read the book first to get a understanding of what took place and who the characters are. Roger Ebert says Ridley Scott did a good job of making it easy to follow, but I read the book first anyway and am ready to see the movie.

Anyone else see it? Thoughts? Anyone?

saw a documentary about this on the History channel the other night. it was riveting. going to see the movie today. sounds like it is a great movie.

Question on the book. I was going to purchase it at amazon.com but the title was Black Hawk Down Movie Tie In. Is this the original book? I don’t want one that is changed.

It’s the same exact book. Only the cover is different.

I gotta admit it was pretty good, but with anything relating with military to hollywood it will be glorified no matter what. For example the way Kyle Blackburn falls from the blackhawk in the movie is he is preping to fast rope off and at the same time the blackhawk evades an rpg. In the book (real life) blackburn has so much gear that its to heavy so he basically misses the rope and falls/slides to fast to the LZ ( about 60ft) Also pretty much all the names Except SSGT. Eversman, Jamie smith and Ruiz are changed. Also in real life grimes (ewan mcgregor) is really SPC. john stebbins is in prison for molesting a young girl. It was good it gets your blood going and I like. But it’s “hollywoodized” People that never where grunts (marines,or army) will never understand the espirit de corps

True, apart from making an all-out documentary, there’s always going to be some Hollywoodization. I was actually surprised by how many real names they DID use. In addition to the ones you mentioned, Randy Shugart and Gary Gordon (Delta Force Medal of Honor winners), General Garrison, Mike Durant, etc.

ok, i saw it today… great movie! really intense. can’t wait to play it at home when it comes out on DVD.

Great movie!! I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like for the pilot and other guys when they can’t hold off the mob anymore and they attack them.

Chris: The Shugart surname is somewhat rare (at least to me!).When I saw the name of Randy Shugart at the end of the film (as one of the Posthumous Medal of Honor recipients from the Mogodishu Battle), I thought about you.

Was Randy any relation? Mufasa

Went to see it with my girlfriend. Absolutely awesome! Good movie, good food (ate at Olive Garden), good pussy. Hell of a night.

I was flipping through the book and noticed that name too, but I think it’s “Shughart” with an “h”. So, no kin. Just saw the movie. Very gritty and good. Hard to believe places like that exist.

I just seen the movie tonight. Sometimes I watch shows on the animal kingdom and I think to myself “Thank God I’m not an animal, everyday they have to wonder how they r going to eat, and if they are going to live.” But what I sometimes forget is that the majority of human being on earth ask themselves that everyday. I felt for the soldiers in the movie… But at least they go home. Those people will only know that one way of living.