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I am in the development stage of starting a gym unlike any other that I know of with an opening date of January 15, 2001. I want a hardcore T-Man gym featuring not only free weights, but also Olympic lifting platforms, sufficient power racks, thick bars, as well as a myriad of grip/forearm strength equipment.

For motivation I plan to have a judge out every three months so that lifters can test their powerlifting lifts AND I WILL POST THESE LISTS ON THE WALL. This will be their gym and they will have official bragging rights for their hard training.

Other future plans include a boxing ring, a simulated climbing wall, and martial arts equipment.

Should they be in the area for other seminars, I would like to get strength trainers and athletes in for specialized training.


Biotest Products: YES,
Testosterone Mags: YES,
Chalk: YES,
Spandex: NO,
Music: NO (I like the headset idea already posted),
Training Books: YES.

Treadmills: Of course. I would love to oversee older people slowly and scientifically monitored for their VO2 as well as strength improvements.


Hmmmmmm that is a hard one…
Stuff for back extensions, revere hypers, cable pulley, hatfield bars, trap bars, chin bars…
Get a contract with a chiro / ART guy, promise him a steady suply of clients.
This is a daring one: Dont have anything(machine) that moves a lever in a fixed path.
For the ambience: a dancer on top of the bar where people rest before or after thier training. Not visible from the training area though, for safety!
Females have membership for half money, should balance the ‘testosterone’ of the Gym. ( the dancer was a joke, unless you like a male only gym )

what city is this baby going to be in?

gyms need a seperate place for pull ups. I hate when I’m trying to do a real exercise, pull ups,and some weasel bothers me to ask if he can do cable curls or crossovers.

Hypothetically it sounds like a dream gym come true, not only for me but for countless other strength training atheletes. Realistically I don’t know how feasable it will be financially to have a membership gym dedicated to strength training. Our numbers are low compared to all the other ‘fluff’ gyms make money on.

Location is always a big factor in opening a gym, but even moreso since yours will focus on strength training. Don't keep us in suspense...WHERE WILL IT BE?

Man I hope you have a ton of money. As much as I miss the really really hard core gyms… They just can’t make money. Or at least not where I’m located at. When I say hardcore I’m not including any of the glam stuff. We have sold out ourself in that we are nice and clean with all the wonderfull machines. BUT the new gym we are working on seperates everything so that you can have hard core and still make enough money to pay the rent. OK maybe not quite pay it but string it along. Question for ya. How big is it going to be? as in sq feet?