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The Ultimate Stack

Hey bros,

New to the forum here, Registered Nurse and minors in Physiology and Biology so i know a thing or two about the body.

On my 3rd overall cycle and i will tell you what I’m on and why. I am looking for overall feedback from users who have done this cycle and what your results were.

Test E 500mg per week in x2 250mg injections per week
Tren Ace 100 mg EOD for 300-400 per week
Deca 300mg x1 per week

Now i know having x2 19 Nors in the mix may seem stupid but i feel they both work synergistically. Deca is helping my joints tremendously as i am 39 and age is taking it’s toll. I feel i can lift heavy. Tren for the nutrient partioning and Nitrogen retention. Test for the obvious that both 19 Nors will shut me down completely. I have been on for 3 weeks now. Joints feel lubricated. Strength is through the roof, and i can’t stop thinking about pussy. I am sweating a lot during training but not night sweats thank God. I notice i sweat more when i cycle carbs in. My diet is extremely clean, veggies, beef and eggs with Carb cycling on days i take tren only. At times i feel my cardio is suffering which is expected. I am just fighting through it. I am however noticing a lot of sleepiness. Like i sleep for 10+ hours. But once rested I’m a bull in the gym. Overall i am quite pleased with this stack other than my cardio suffering. I wake up feeling like my fat is just being gobbled up which i assume is the Tren. I plan on running the Deca through my PCT for the first 2 weeks. I guess my question is anyone know of or used this stack? It was recommended by an old school bodybuilder friend of mine and just wanted to see if anyone has tried this or had similar success with it. Thanks a lot Guys

What do you mean by this?

heard first time using deca for pct lol

I’m running the Deca longer than the Tren, into my PCT. Tapering down the test to 250 per week for 2 weeks then nothing. Then start clomid and HCG. I am already on Aromasin for this current cycle of 25mg x2 per week. Sorry i forgot to mention that in my post.

Jeremy Balmer RN

If anything you would want to do that backwards I would think and stop the deca and run the tren maybe a week from pct. Either way you don’t ever want to run any gear thru pct


I’ve only run Test, Tren, and Mast (never Deca) together and loved it. I like how my body responds to Tren mostly but I can do without the night sweats and the serious hit to my cardio.