The ULTIMATE stack?

Hey I’ve been attempting to come with the ultimate stack for quite some time now. I done many studies and evaluation of many different products (legal and illegal). So far I’ve come up with this for a 4 week bulking stack, if you’ve taken a simillar stack please let me know how it went. Gains, strength increase, side effects, ect… If you want I can go in to detain later.

The stack:
Ribose C,
Nandrosol (better than DECA),
1g of Sostenon per week,
5 D-bol a day,
Milk Thistle,
and a shit load of Protein

Sounds like a good mass builder. Please when you are done with your 4 week cycle please post the gains,side effects,losses, ect. Also are you using any other anti-estrogens besides clomid. If so what and what dosages.

Bro, Biotest has some good products, but it is just not necessary to take their stuff while on gear. Forget the tribex, just use clomid. Nandrosol is NOT better than deca. See, you’ll get huge just with sust. and d-bols you just don’t need the other stuff (maybe creatine when coming off). Save your money for more gear.

My $.02. (BTW, if you have a physical after you’re done, post and let us know if the milk thistle–in your opinion and based on lab results–had any positive effects on your liver function.)

Perhaps when you say “better than Deca” you’re thinking of N-17E, not Nandrosol which is a little milder than Androsol as I understand it. Still, it’s not “better” but it’s supposed to be equivilant to something like 400mg a week of Deca. God, I can’t wait!