The Ultimate Question

If you had to choose between giving up sex or stopping physical training (weights/martial arts/ running, etc. the works),what would it be? In my case I’d stop training.

And what if, maybe, like, all the weights on Earth started conspiring against us, and it was like that movie the birds and they started dropping on our heads and then fat guys with room-temeprature IQ’s were featured in Men’s Health and considered “sexy” and washboard abs were repalced by watermelon ass as “what’s sexy this summer” and then all our barbells warped and birth control was outlawed by the giant ants that now rule the Earth?!?! What would you guys choose then? Vanilla or Chocolate Grow! ?
“The big yellow one is the sun!” - Brian Regan

"MB Eric: Apparently it's open mic nite since 1993."


MB, what the hell was that? it’s only a hypothetical question so chill out.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, silly me. I thought it was really gonna happen. I hafta go over to Musclemag now.

"MB Eric: Collecting autographs of pro card recipients who can't spell their own name since 1982."


I’d stop working out since I workout to look better and consequently enhance my sex life

right now, i think weights. 40+ years from now i might change my mind.

Hey Monkeyboy, you stole our line!

At first I was like of course I’d stop training. After all, that’s half the reason why I train…to get pudding. But then I realized that I know guys who because their girlfriends have them so whipped, they no longer train and have shriveled up like little sissy boys. Man, I like to believe that if I was dating a succubus like that, I would kick her to the curb, no matter how good the pudding was. And keep training.

Are you allowed to masturbate in this strange
world you’ve devised?

Do the ants mind which we choose? Come to think of it, I think I made this choice a few months ago. Back day today :).

I have the same question as Mike. If it were allowed (masturbation), I would pick lifting wieghts.

All in all, the iron does not care what kind of day you had or the last time you called. Hell, the iron is just happy that your there.

Is suicide an option?

What if I have a less-than-kosher relationship with my iron? Lata.

“MB Eric: Disturbing, in that “makes you feel creepy and unsettled” kinda way since 1576.”


Shivers give up my…my…my Martial Arts?? The iron…well…if the sex was really really good, and lots of it, and I didn’t have to jump thru a million hoops to get it…perhaps I could give up the iron…but my martial arts? Why don’t you just kill me now you sick bastard!! Look, if I gave up my martial arts AND my Iron, I would be UNLIVEABLE with (nasty, short tempered, snappy and insecure) and no woman would want to give me sex anyway, so I have to agree with ironbabe…suicide would be the only choice

Seeing as how I’m 14 and never had sex, the obvious choice is sex.

Mike K & Sacto, pull away… The reason for the post was that I read a similar type question in a golf mag a few years ago and some of the top pros (Nick Faldo was one) chose giving up sex, it also tied in with Arnold’s comment about the’pump’ being as good as cumming. So being the sick bastard that I am I thought I would post the question. Hyphnz

Have you ever considered that if the sex is particularly aggresive (and creative) you could get a pretty damn good workout (or three)in per day. Hey, someone might just try that for a month. Respecting Charles Staley’s preferred method for BB:

Month 1

Week 1: 20 times for one hour each using 310 lbs (man at 180+her at 130). Total volume 6200 lb-hours.

Week 2: 22 times for one hour each, same weight. Total volume 6820 lb-hours. 10% increase.

Week 3: 23 times same parameters, 7130# PLUS one time @ 400 lbs (man+ the two 110# chearleaders in her sorority. Total Volume=7530, 10% increase in volume. Also, an increase in intensity.

Week 4: One time at 400 (see week three), plus 10 times at 310, while you are convincing your girlfriend that you still love her, and that you will never, ever do this again. Or at least until week three of next month.

Month 2: Same progression as before, just increase difficulty by 2-3% by incorporating more complex/awkward positions, or more frequent position changes. Week three, instead of two chearleaders, use one cheerleader and one soccer player.

Month 3: Same progression, just get your 2-3% increase by adding food and/props to all previous work. Week three, substitute the cheerleader w/ a volleyball player.

I dont know about that two cheerleader workout plan, but I can tell you that if you lay on your back on the bed…your shoulders and head off the bed…and have your girl straddle your face…it does give you one HECK of an ab burn after about 10 minutes…and the other good part of it is…if she starts getting REALLY happy…she will not let you stop…it redefines “forced reps”!! LOL!

I would have sex in the gym, killing two birds with one stone. Some of those machines are kind of erotic.