The Ultimate Nut Sack

Are the furry ones not good?


Those are the best ones :wink:

How could I forget pistachios!!!

I wouln’t even do this. I don’t eat things that I feed to my aquarium fish…


Why? You don’t want vibrant color patterns and a healthy slime coat?

Only if I can also gain the ability to breath underwater.

I always thought of the walnut as the healthiest nut. Also, one can look bad ass by cracking the shell in their hands in front of others. Slight injury potential (the shell can be sharp), but enough potential to look cool to make the risk vs reward favorable.

I will plug my favorite grocery store now. Aldi has the lowest cost nuts I have seen. Good quality too. One hack with cashews is don’t buy wholes, the halves and pieces taste the same for a lot less money (like half the money per oz). Not to mention that I find a good percentage of the halves and pieces are whole nuts.

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Plus they look like brains! So it’s kinda like crushing the skulls of your enemies! :grin: If you’re into that sorta thing :crazy_face:


Dude, it says NUT right in its name!
It’s gotta be a nut, amirite?

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I don’t know, that’s one tough nut to crack…

I’ll see myself out


I feel like one of these things doesn’t really fit into the mixed nut category. If you’re looking at legit trail mix, that’s a different ballgame and brings in fruit and stuff.

Just to add the the general list, I think hazelnuts are under-rated, but they’re discussed pretty well in both of these:

Yea not really looking for trail mix per se… just a giant tub of mixed nuts that are a good source of fats and calories while being a lot healthier than the protein bar they are taking the place of as a go to snack between meals.

I had some mixed nuts that had some dark chocolate (idk the cocoa %) in them a while back and it was such a good combo, so I thought I’d include them if I could find a high enough cocoa content with low/no sugar. Trying to keep it healthy, but without sacrificing taste.

I shall read those links, thank you.

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So I have found some conflicting information regarding raw consumption.

Some say never eat truly raw nuts, some saw raw is the only way to get the most bang for your nut buck. What say you smart people

For a little sweetness, one can include something honey roasted. I once was worried about the extra sugar and took a look at regular peanuts vs honey roasted. They have like 2g of extra sugar for the same serving size.

Also, not technically a nut, but the peanut (if you are not allergic), is a very cheap way (as compared to traditional nuts) to add some tasty volume to your mix for cheap (I think this is why most “nut” mixes are like half peanuts).

I don’t like peanuts, if they were super healthy I’d include them but I feel other nuts are better, I could be wrong though.

Peanuts are not healthier than the listed nuts. It doesn’t mean they are unhealthy. Probably a good snack for those who like them, and they are significantly less money than most actual nuts. No need to add them though.

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I think this one of those things that we probably don’t need to overthink. Just include some of both. Roasted nuts have a slightly different flavor and would add to the deliciousness of the mix.

I’ve had some almonds that were raw to start. They were tossed in some sort of oil, and covered in powder ranch, and baked in the oven. Those were really good. Self roasting is an option.


This dry roasting that TC spoke of in that article sounds like an ideal application for an air fryer, doesn’t it?

Not that I know, since I’m not allowed to have one. :slightly_frowning_face:

Your not allowed to have an air fryer? We use ours pretty much daily. We did asparagus in it last night. The air fryer achieves a char on veggies similar to grilling them. We do almost all of our veggies in the air fryer. It is great for reheating most things (far superior to the microwave for most reheating). Pizza is especially good air fried.

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