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The Ultimate Killing Machine: WAAAR CYBORG!


Congratulations to my girl for capturing the Invicta Featherweight title. Yeaaaaah!!!

Props to Cohen for lasting 4 rounds. She's a fucking trooper.

RWAAAAAR Cyborg!!!


All I see is Rousey tearing that tail up. She wont survive the clinch with Rousey

I love cyborg though, she is very tough and a good fighter


Sadly, I don’t thing that fight will ever take place. Unless they both agree to a catch -weight, I should expect Cyborg to catch Rousey with one mortal right cross and terminate the bitch with a series of brutal elbows when she’s down. 1st round. No fucking clinch.

Cris was calculative during her fight with Coenen. Looks like she’s been told to stop with her 1st round decimation and just toss Coenen around like a ragdoll for 20 mins. Lol.

I’m proud of her. She looks great and she deserves the belt after all the shit she put herself through.


I dont get why people are cool with this tranny fighting chicks but not that other tranny fighting chicks.


Cyborg is not a Tranny. I don’t see the problem fighting that Tranny… Fallon Fox sucks


Damn, Cyborg is such a beast.

Of course Cyborg and Rousey will fight. It’s too big not to happen. Too much opportunity for piles of cash for everyone. I think they will fight at 140. If you look at Cyborg at 145, she’s too lean to get down to 135. If you look at Rousey at 145, she’s a bit chubby (still fine as hell). The logical thing is to meet at 140.