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The Ultimate Gym...

Hi guys,

First post here, hope to be the first of many. Quick question;

What do you guys look for in a gym?

Large/small space?
New/old equipment and feeling?

Is locaction a big factor?



You talking about getting a membership at a gym ? considering the point of this site i would say an important priority would be finding a gym that caters to bodybuilding types instead of the casual curl-with-cell-phone cardio types

Joe Defranco gym next to my house would be the ultimate gym…


Powerrack,bench,barbell and dumbell…that my only concern, i dont care about the machine.i prefer when its quiet but no control on that…

I look for the right equipment first then the right people. I prefer more serious gyms, worlds, golds, biffs ironpit of hell. I like that atmosphere cause it’s motivating.

i think you can choose a gym by listening to the music inside.

if you hear 90’s pop songs your most likely inside a sissy gym with a bunch of women

if you hear rock,hardcore,metal, you got a keeper.

I go to one of the most hardcore gyms around and its hard to explain but I just like being in there. Its got alot of big guys and pros all the time. I think when you go to pick it out you will know with in the first 5 mins if thats a gym for you

As long as it has a bench, dumbell set and squat rack, I’m good to go.

(Wish more gyms have olympic mats/rubber weights)


Good opinions so far guys.

No, not thinking of a membership cyph31.

I appreciate the fact that atmosphere is probably the most important thing when people of our ilk are choosing a gym.

And I agree Rampage and Dragoon. Personally, I think all a gym needs is the following;

  • squat rack
  • bench
  • plenty of free weights and bars
  • chin up bar

Plus some cardio equipment.

Anyone feel a strong need for gyms to have cable equipment?

Also, do you guys prefer working out by yourselves or does having a few people around drive you harder?



as long as you see people squatting ass to ground on the squat rack and guys lying on the floor panting their lungs out…you’ve step into a nice place to train…