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The Ultimate Gangster!



I just had to share this with you.. :slightly_smiling:


yeeeaaa yaaaaaay. malibu's wanted up in heeeya. he's fittn t' get crazy wit dat bat yo.

Living in Memphis I think this is funny because occasionally you see a guy who looks like that. That usually means they just moved here, because a couple of weeks later they dress act totally different. Either that or they live waaayyyy out in the suburbs.


Yeah, I lived down in Memphis for a few years and in Little Rock for another. That shit doesn't last too long down there. I'd give him about three or four days of getting his shoes and chains ripped off of him before he started dressing in abercrombie full-time.

Also - I liked how he was head-to-toe red in 1 pic, then all blue the next.


Damn that was basic.

It was like watching New Kids On The Block being assaulted by a ghetto version of Queer Eye.

Yeah, red and blue together at last. I know I cried, what about you?


Thats just funny. Whats the deal with the middle finger, this kid has anger issues eh?


Those purple curtains are hardcore gangster, I'm jelous.


That poor kid, he has no father, brother, or cousin to whip his ass. He is so confused. I love the picture where he is wearing the pink shirt and shoes with the white pants and suite coat. It is like bringing back Miami Vice and having Eminem play Don Johnson's character.


Shouldn't he be holding up a shoe?


wonder if he likes 2 pac?


A little too much.


The guy appears to German. I don't care what you atheists say, the spread of wiggerdom in Germany is a clear sign of the coming Apocalypse.


This is what happens when we allow MTV to pollute other continents.

Holy Christ!! Gimme a fukin' break.


For some reason, the name 'Kip' kept running through my head. Then it was 'Kip'and 'La Fonda'. I don't know why.

Peace out.


I believe Pat Buchanan would agree with you.

And apparantly so do I.


I was thinking Denmark...


These fuckin dodes roll around my neighbourhood like this too...And I live in like an uppermiddle class town in Canada...it's funny these guys don't know what hard blokes are actually like. They make one comment to you and all you do is rip the fuckin bandana off their head and stomp on it. They don't say shit and if they did i'd rip they're fuckin throat out.

It's these fuckin idiots that give my generation a bad name..The funniest is the summer time and you see them topless. Because you see them with huge clothes on all the time you forget that there is only a few ove 150lbs. Not to mention most of them are rich and have alot of icing addictions. Makes them skinnier.


I think the guy has been watching too many tupac videos. Don't get me wrong I listen to pac, but give me a break.

Funny thing is living in the bay area of california, every other guy I see walking down the street looks like this. Some kid with his pants down to his ass and his hat kicked sideways spittin' the same thing he's listening to in his head phones. I do have to agree with one of the posts above that this kid must not have anyone to put him in check. Be it a brother or another family member.


Almost forgot...WTF is up with the Westside sign. Westside of what? Munich, Germany?


Someone needs to kick his ass and tattoo douchebag on his forehead. There's no way in hell I'd let my kids act like that.



Actually took the extra 30 seconds and looked htrough all his pics.

Did you notice that his "posse" at the end seems to consist of junior high kids?

This guy is either looking old for his true age of 13 or he's 18 hanging out with 14 yr olds......so sad.