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The Ultimate Fighter


Did anyone catch this last night? It looked pretty good. 16 fights. They made them one round each so they could fit them for live tv. A lot of finishes. Only 4-5 went to decision. Several guys stood out. One in particular was I think a karate guy. He was standing in I think a side stance. One foot in front of the other with feet pointing to the side. He was throwing a bunch of kicks and won his fight. It was interesting to see something new and different.


yea that guy lost in the first fight in the house


This season looks pretty interesting. Not sure which team to go for but Cruz has shown to be a good coach so far.

I also like the fact that the fights are now live.


No the guy I'm talking about won his fight. It was one towards the end. Right after the guy who trained with Anderson Silva won. He was good too. I think the talent looks a bit better this season than it has in the past seasons, but it's tough to tell since they only fought for 1 round.


I like this too. I think in the past TUF was shorter only 6 weeks maybe 8. That's a short time to learn from someone new and to have 4 fights in. Now it's 12-13 weeks long. So it should be better for the fighters and we'll get better fights because they'll have more time to rest.

I'm guessing they'll somehow edit a bunch of weekly footage, house drama, etc together and leave enough time for the live fight at the end of the episode.


Did you see the episode this fri? One of the fighters fought as you described and dove head first into a knee.


Robert A


That could be a horrible mistake ratings wise though. They need to leave 18 minutes at the end for the fight, unless they are going to let the show run long. If it is over quick we get treated to the scramble and filler type of material that plagues live broadcast sports.

It must be tough selling add space at the end of the hour.


Robert A


I didn't think about that. I wonder how they'll edit it then. If the fight is only 30 seconds long, how are they going to fill that last 15 minutes?

Are you talking about the guy that caught a knee to the stomach and then caught a hook and was knocked out?

The fight I'm talking about was where the guy threw a lot of leg kicks at the beginning, but then the fight was on the ground until like the last minute and he threw some more before taking his opponent down and it ended on the ground.


live sports cost a shit ton
you have to have a full edit truck
and an upload to satellite truck.

it costs allot.
like as much as an NBA game to produce.

typically that show is what we call a post edit show-
shoot hours of drama - and some fights
build up the 'back-story' in the edit world
and cobble 8 or 12 or what ever number of episodes needed
all reality shows do it- and show out of order content to make the story work

I wouldn't be surprised if its pretaped fights
aired as live - its not really dishonest there are just too many factors at risk with true live shows.


lets keep this thread going i saw Cruz posted this and i thought it waspretty funny http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=P-KAzuPez1o#!


My guess was that the fights are tape delayed by a few hrs to allow a last minute edit


Missed the first episode but have seen the rest.

Glad that tickle kid is gone, he got on my nerves. Awesome fight this past friday, 155 pound class.