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The Ultimate Fighter 4?


I got this from another site:

The Ultimate Fighter 4 RUMORED CONTESTANTS

Rumored Fighters at Middleweight (185 pounds):
-Jorge Rivera
-Patrick Cote
-Charles McCarthy
-Keith Hackney (48 years old)
-Gideon Ray
-Mark Weir
-Edwin Dewees
-Travis Lutter

Rumored Fighters at Welterweight (170 pounds):
-Matt Serra
-Chris Lytle
-Shonie Carter
-Rich Clementi
-Mikey Burnett
-Pete Spratt
-Nick Diaz
-Din Thomas

Advisors - Randy Couture, Georges St. Pierre, Mark DellaGrotte

Season premiere date: Thursday, August 17


I hope Hackney still has a mullet.


that really doesnt make sense at all considering those are alot of former ufc fighters. The goal of TUF is new talent....


Yea, but the tagline for TUF 4 is "The Comeback" and the commercials are using phrases like "The most dangerious man is the one with nothing to loose" So I wonder if elimination from TUF4 also means elimination from the UFC.



I was thinking the same thing. I'm sure it will change by the time it hits the air.


I don't think those fighters are right. The "twist" of the 4th season is that they are bringing back people from previous TUF shows who didn't win but showed a lot of talent. Hence the title "The Comeback." If what I'm saying is true..i don't understand why they would bring in people who have never been on TUF. anybody have solid information on this?


also..i think they should bring back Chris Leben but I guess thats impossible seeing how he's signed with UFC now. but he didn't wint he show nor has won any championships..hmm.


I really hope that's "nothing to lose". :wink:


No, from what I've heard, and read in the Boston Herald which has been covering the UFC as of late, is that the Ultimate Fighter 4 Season is going to go something like this:

  • 16 UFC veterans who never really made it big

  • No coaches, just advisors

Supposedly, according to Dana White, they are by far the best fights out of any Ultimate Fighter season. Although the show itself can be borderline retarded sometimes, the fights themselves, especially the finales, are pretty good, so to say that this season will blow the others away in terms of fights is a pretty big statement to make.

Another source:


I think it's time to make some sort of a change to that show. If not, they might find their viewership will be "submitting" the program by clicking past it.

The last group of fighters that they showcased acted like imbeciles. There was not much to watch of any value, including many of the fights.

I mean who wants to watch some toothless nitwit say "DAGGER" into the camera every week.....Even my 12 year old son was doing a "Zeb eye roll" after that nonsense.

I would look forward to watching someone like Keith Hackney make a comeback. The guy was all class, which is something that is sorely missing on that program, among other things.


i for one am excited to see this.. i think the UFC is trying to make some of the lesser known or older fighters more known to the TUF fans... the only name i dont see but thought i would is Linland... however he is fighting Rampage soon so i guess he got offered more money so what can you do...

WAR Diaz!!!


That's what I've been reading lately and the pay off at the end will a title shot at the end of the show. That's pretty exciting considering, if you were a contender, you'd have to be a fool not take this shot.


It is definitely UFC fighters who have suffered damage to their reputation, not TUF fighters as some have mentioned. This has been common knowledge for like 2 months, and filming has already started.


Ok, this description actually makes more sense to me and now I think I'm starting to like it. I cant wait to root against diaz


Anyone want to be on who is in the finals?


If I remember right the TV special announcing the fighters for TUF 4 didn't show Nick Diaz, I think he is not in it now.



PM, maybe? Post?


Yea Diaz isn't in it.

The Official list looks like this:


Thursday, June 29, 2006 - MMAWeekly.com
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You've known about 13 of these 16 names for well over a month if you've been checking MMAWeekly's Rumors section, but all 16 of the contestants on "The Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback" have now been officially confirmed.

The middleweight winner of TUF 4 will get a shot at the UFC Middleweight Title in the first half of 2007, and the welterweight winner of TUF 4 will get a shot at the UFC Welterweight Title in the first half of 2007.

Here is the official list of TUF 4 contestants, along with their records in UFC fights.

Confirmed Fighters at Middleweight (185 pounds):
-Patrick Cote (0-3 in UFC)
-Edwin Dewees (0-2 in UFC)
-Charles McCarthy (0-1 in UFC)
-Travis Lutter (1-2 in UFC)
-Gideon Ray (0-2 in UFC)
-Jorge Rivera (2-3 in UFC)
-Pete Sell (1-1 in UFC)
-Scott Smith (0-1 in UFC)

Confirmed Fighters at Welterweight (170 pounds):
-Mikey Burnett (2-1 in UFC)
-Shonie Carter (3-2 in UFC)
-Matt Serra (4-4 in UFC)
-Rich Clementi (0-1 in UFC)
-Pete Spratt (2-2 in UFC)
-Chris Lytle (2-4 in UFC)
-Din Thomas (2-2 in UFC)
-Jeremy Jackson (0-1 in UFC)

The season premiere of TUF 4 will air at 10:00 PM on Thursday, August 17th.

Though not officially confirmed by Zuffa, the season premiere will air immediately following a two-hour Ultimate Fight Night live special that will have a main event of Karo Parisyan vs. Diego Sanchez."


That would just be gay. You mean like a piggy back ride?


My cousin is Rich Clementi.

He used to beat the shit out of me when I was younger haha.


How the fuck did I manage to put in that bad of a typo? should have been "anyone want to know who is in the finals?"