The Ultimate Cycle

Okay, so what is THE ultimate cycle for a first time steroid user?.. given that safety is a concern as is maximum gains in muscle mass.

I believe Bill Roberts is working on just such an article right now. Keep an eye out for it in a future update.

In the meantime, “maximum” is not the thing to go for if there is any safety to be concerned with at all… maximum would mean, take 4 grams per week, take 40 or more IU of insulin per day, take 10 IU of GH per day… What you want is impressive gains obtained with safety, like 10-15 lb LBM in two weeks, or say 35-40 lb LBM gain while losing 20 lb fat in about five short cycles, that sort of thing. This is achievable at the gram per week level, steroids only for first few cycles, optionally adding in a little insulin and GH (nowhere near the amounts above) in the last couple of cycles. You could get a lot of results also with steroids only at that dosage.

o.k , that sounds good 35-40pound in 5 short cycles at agram per week, what i want to now is how long can someone pump a gram a week before they have to increase the dose to keep getting the same results .wouldnt you down regulate your receptors to fast ?.