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The Ultimate Combination of Exercises


... for Total Body Training

Taken at my new gym, a NYSC (sadly)....

Now I've seen it all -lol.



Hey, he's functional....and you're not!


Now that is how you burn fat and build muscle. This is must for my next traning cycle.


Is he having a seizure?


Maybe he's a professional wind up toy.


Totally stole my lift


I've been doing it wrong all this time.


Why didn't i think of that :smiley: lol


Akuma, you're looking pretty thick, bro.

I'd totally spot you on a sweaty set of deadlifts.



... i need an adult...


We don't need no adults here.

They are much to large to get into those tiny back nooks of my car trunk to find all that candy I spilled.

Don't believe me? See for yourself...


He's obviously a swimmer, working on improving his upper and lower body coordination, as well as his work capacity and hawt abz.

He makes your typical functional guy look muscle-bound (whatever that means).


holy crap i just spilled my latte =( i can't stop laughing


Yeah, I don't usually concern myself with what other people are doing when I train, but I'm just having crap training sessions one after the other at this place, and as if having poorly chosen equipment wasn't bad enough, I have to watch as people with no clue what they're doing (usually the idiots with "master trainer" emblazoned on the backs of their one size too small t-shirts) instruct others on how to train.

This just screamed out for me to share :slightly_smiling:



Environment counts a lot. I am lucky. The 24 hour fitness I train at seems to be attracting more serious people...and many of the younger guys who used to ask me for advice are now pretty big themselves. That camaraderie is back and we all speak to each other. It makes going to the gym that much more enjoyable.....until you run into the half assed 5pm crowd.


this remembered the 24 hour gym that opened near my home this year.

It's 24 hour only on weekdays, i guess they are scared people might come drunk to workout in the weekends.


Oh LOL. I still don't get why anyone would bench with their legs up, the other day I saw one of the larger fellows at the hardcore gym I frequent working up to a 3 plate bench for 5~ reps WITH HIS FEET IN THE AIR.

I didn't get it.. but he was bigger/stronger then me.. so I assumed he hadn't always benched like that.. gyms can be confusing places lol!


Saw leg press and DB military at the same time this morning in the gym. I guess it's "efficient" use of time............


^Done that.

Also went in the basement with buddies to clam bake in the gym sauna that same night.

God damn we were retards, lol. Live and learn, we didn't do it again after realizing how retarded it was the next morning.


Is he swimming?