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The Ultimate Cheat Meal

Once again the one thing that all of us here at the forum look forward to, the ultimate cheat meal. One that cannot be confused with anything else, Thanksgiving. How will you spend your turkey day. Me, I will be going to a buffet with my dad and I will eat four plates of food that will cause such an insulin spike that I will most likely fall asleep at the wheel on the way home. Happy Turkey Day everyone.

i was gonna post about this! dude, last year i ate so much food i couldnt move and fell asleep on the kitchen floor. breakfast was 12 cinnamon roles, i ate a whole block of cheese and crackers, and riduculous amounts of servings until my stomach hurt. im gonna go to the grocery store on wednesday night, and if it looks good its going in the shopping cart to be eaten on thursday.

Depends (on Turkey day). If I rec’v the Methoxy-7 (for the 12-week test), then it’s more turkey and not so much “fun stuff”. If I don’t get the Methoxy, then it’s a slice each of pie, mashed potatoes, yams, and definitely stuffing. Ohhhhh, yeah.

BTW: ultimate "cheat" meal for me is a large juicy, steak. Followed by a large slice of applie pie. And beer. THAT'S a cheat meal.....*sigh*.

For those of us not from the US what exactly is thanks giving?

Thanksgiving is something us Americans celebrate each year in the tradition of the Puritans realizing that they couldn’t make it on their own so they went to the Indians for help and now we have Thanksgiving. Well, thats my take on it. Happy Turkey Day y’all. Y’all is Oklahoma language for “you all”.

Trying a new recipe this year! I’m always in charge of the desserts since I don’t use anything from a box or can! “Pumpkin Walnut Bread Pudding with Kentucky Bourbon Sauce”. I can feel my bf increasing just thinking about it!

Entire VA smoked ham, turkey breast, cornbread stuffing, giblet gravy, mashed potatoes, broccolli casserole, craberry sauce, eggnog, deviled eggs, double layer (top layer is cream cheese / cool whip) pumpkin pie, cherry pie, pecan pie. All home made + whatever friends bring over. Skins vs Cowboys, 8 ball + rock and roll in the basement, sleeping on the sofa, son home from college, fuck yes I love thanksgiving! God Bless America, my wonderful life, and the world’s best wife!

Since I just started a strict low carb cutting phase about 10 days ago, the holidays should be interesting. However, my will is made of iron right now. So Thursday will be only turkey, grean beans, some veggies, and a little cranberry sauce (the canned gel of course:) ). That’s it. Screw the holidays. They always make me fat and depressed. Not this year!