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The Ultimate Anti-T-Nation Workout


this is the ultimate Anti-TNation workout..



If people really want to look like Brad Pitt from Fight Club, they'd have to look like this first:


If you want to look like Pitt, you have to be born as Pitt. No work out will morph anyone into him unless it's his borther.


Pitt doesn't even currently look like Pitt in Fight Club. What a dumbass goal to have.


In last year's NCAA basketball tournament Bradley played Pittsburgh and the scoreboard read BRAD PITT.


Sadly, a lot of people on T-Nation actually WANT to look like that now it seems. Someone should just post the workout so it can be searched and found and those posts will go away, lol. ::shrug:: To each their own I guess.



I think they could at least take say, Christian Bale as an example of decent physique of an actor.


Pardon me for asking but exactly how did you happen to stumble upon this article?


I dont think the workout is that bad.


That article has a bad case of The Gay.

Very Bad.


This is the second time I've seen Donovin Darius' workouts onlined in magazines, and I always see something on the news ticker about him being hurt. They might as well interview his teammate Fred Taylor and write out his "how to pull your groin every year" workout.


My personal favorite was back day:

# 5 pullups

Seated rows

Lat pulldowns

T-bar rows

5 pullups? Exactly 5.



That's a surprise.


Funny you would say that, I was thinking the same thing. If you push each set and cut the rest between them, like anything else, it can become really difficult.

Hey, but I don't want to ruin a good bash Brad Pitt thread....I don't really like the guy.


Those damn things are stressfull!

They give you calousses too. Then you have to get your palms abraided to get that icky skin off...

Oh Shit. I think I might have gotten some gay from reading that. I'm feeling a little tizzy.


get a life already.


But...sniff, you are my life.



What is a borther?


Bor-ther - (n) The sound one makes when given fellatio by Angelina Jolie after watching her walk straight out of the shower all glistening wet and hot and steaming and...{further definition edited by Webster for content}


Hahhahahahaha, ooops. I meant brother.