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The ultimate 8 week cycle - version 3

After modifying, getting feedback, and reconsidering for a while, this is an excellent cycle I would recommend:
Sustanon 1000mg week 1-6 (double dose day 1)
Dianabol 50mg/day week 1-4
Primobolan 400mg week 5-8
Winstrol inj. 50mg/day week 7-8
Clomid 50mg/day week 1-10

The reasoning is to get a bulking effect disregarding water retention (it will add to strength gains anyway) for the first part of the cycle. Sustanon will self-taper until week 8, while Primo is introduced in week 5 to aid recovery and solidify gains - adding in Winstrol for the last 2 weeks to harden up. It will lessen the strain on the liver by stopping D-bol in week 4, and getting a 2 week break before starting Winstrol in week 7.
Is this the ultimate cycle or what? :wink:

can a beginner use this???

I’m no expert, but I’d guess that taking 1.4g of steroids a week is overkill for a beginner, especially Testosterone and D-bol which can have some of the worst side effects.

I concur. If this is for a newbie, this is probably overkill (if they have any concern for their health… if you don’t give a shit about sides/health , why not just go for 2g/week or 4 or 5!?-note sarcasm). Anyway, I’d cut the d/bol and sust in half for newbies. Also, the winny and d-bol are 17aa, thus you’re really taxing your liver for all 8 weeks.

This is an advanced cycle, for someone who has at least 3-5 years of lifting experience as well as 2 or more cycles - or, at or beyond his genetic potential.
t: read my post again. You stop the D-bol in week 4, take two weeks off from 17-aa, and begin in week 7 on the Winstrol. D-bol is out of the system in no time, so why do you believe it is stressing the liver for another two weeks?

can’t read well…

I thought it was d-bol 1-4, winny 5-8, but I see that it’s only 7+8, giving 2 weeks off. I just thought that being on 17aa steroids for 8 weeks (how I originally misread the post because I didn’t read all the way to the end-oops), esp. at that dose, wouldn’t be the greatest thing for the liver!!

I’ve got a few issues:

You will get very bloated the first month (Nolva would be good). For primo and winstrol to really solidify gains, I think you need to run them longer. Better yet choose a strong anabolic like tren or eq and run it through the whole cycle. This would provide better overal solid gains, and allow you to halve the sustenon dosage. You could then even not have to run the winstrol after the d-bol (though I would). Run the primo postcycle for 5 weeks, as it will not inhibit natural recovery.

There really is no such thing as an "ideal cycle." The variables are just too numerous. I don't know what your past experience with steroids is (maybe you're a seasoned veteran) but 50mg d-bol on a first cycle is too much. I personally find it very hard to workout with that much of a pump. If you have tried squatting with moderate to high reps while on 50mg d-bol or 100mg drol you will know that bloat does not make the low back will not be very happy.

chief - you might want to read the messages in the thread before you post… :wink:
As mentioned this is an advanced cycle, disregarding bloat in the first weeks since it will add to strength gains. Tren is hard to get, or else I would definately include it, but Testosterone should be the core of any good bulking cycle anyway (and lots of it, too).
I agree that there is no such thing as an “ideal cycle”, but I dare you to try this one out! :slight_smile: The reasoning for the different choices should be logical. As for my stats: 26yrs old, 6’ 230lbs 7%bf, 7yrs of BB and powerlifting, and a few cycles in the past. 2 week cycles didn’t give me much, so now I’m moving on to more hardcore cycles like this one…